Honor CEO Zhao Ming Honor Magic V2 has no challengers within six months

No challengers for Honor CEO Zhao Ming's Honor Magic V2 for six months

【phoneauto News】In this July, if we talk about the “wildest” species in the digital circle, perhaps none other than the Honor Magic V2. Since its launch, it has caused a “thin and light” storm. Then, when the pre-sale started, the sales of Honor Magic V2 on the four major e-commerce platforms in 12 hours broke the sales and revenue records of all Android phones in the past year, including flat-screen phones. The pre-sale performance far exceeded expectations. On July 26th, Honor officially released a short video of an interview with Honor CEO Zhao Ming, once again attracting the public’s attention to the Honor Magic V2.

In the interview video with Honor CEO Zhao Ming, a netizen mentioned that the release of Magic V2 appeared to be a “siege of the Bright Summit by six factions.” Zhao Ming is not worried about this. He said, “These are two different foldable screen products generated by different logical thinking. The competitors of Honor Magic V2 are flat-screen phones, not foldable phones.

As Zhao Ming said in the interview, “9.9mm, 231g, this kind of experience cannot be achieved by foldable screen manufacturers according to the results of their evolution. We cannot regard them as competitors.” Honor Magic V2 has a body thickness of 9.9mm and a weight of 231g, which is even thinner and lighter than some flat-screen phones on the market. Honor has successfully brought foldable screen phones into the millimeter era. It can be said that in the field of foldable screens, Honor Magic V2 has no competitors. Its competitors are flat-screen phones, iPhone 14, and future iPhone 15. Honor aims to create a flat-screen flagship in the world of foldable screen phones and a foldable flagship in the world of flat-screen phones, truly breaking the boundaries between flat-screen and foldable flagships.

Looking at the current market, although flat-screen smartphones are still mainstream and there are also some so-called foldable phones on the market, they also reflect some pain points in terms of usage, such as short battery life, ordinary appearance design, inconvenient size for carrying, and poor camera performance. Honor Magic V2 was developed with a reconstructive mindset, breaking the current situation of iterative development of traditional foldable screen phones and completely subverting the development concept of the “two-in-one” foldable screen. With “one becomes two” as the core, it divides the flat-screen phone into two, allowing the Honor Magic V2 series to retain the slim and lightweight body of a high-end flat-screen flagship while providing benchmark-level experiences such as long battery life, eye protection screen, and privacy security.

Many people are curious whether the slimness of the Magic V2 is achieved by sacrificing features such as water resistance. In this interview, Zhao Ming once again gives a clear answer. Making a foldable screen thin is actually a systematic work and cannot be simply understood as making certain components light and thin. Honor Magic V2 is at least 1.1 to 1.2 millimeters thinner than other foldable screens, and some are even more than 2 millimeters thinner. It is not difficult to see that in terms of slimness alone, Honor can achieve a significant lead.

As a highly anticipated foldable screen phone, the Honor Magic V2 has a satisfaction rate of up to 99%, standing out in the complex and crowded smartphone market. It is rare to have such high user satisfaction. What’s even more interesting is that on the first day of the Honor Magic V2’s initial sales, there were people mistaken for scalpers because they bought two new phones; social media ignited a frenzy of “grabbing the Honor Magic V2” foldable trend… All of these confirm the consumers’ love for the Honor Magic V2 and their high recognition of its value.

What makes the Honor Magic V2 so magical that consumers love it? The key point is its strong product performance. The Honor Magic V2 perfectly solves the two major pain points of foldable screen phones, which are thickness and long battery life, and it is even thinner and lighter than many flat-screen phones. Indeed, the new phone has a thickness of only 9.9mm and weighs as light as 231g, which is lighter and thinner than the Huawei Mate X3 that shocked the industry in the first half of the year. What’s even more impressive is that the ultra-thin body of the Honor Magic V2 also houses a large 5000mAh battery. This is achieved by using the Qinghai Lake dual battery, which further enhances energy density. Such a large battery capacity is not only leading in the field of foldable screen phones, but also in the field of flat-screen phones.

In addition to the inherent advantages of the large screen experience in the form of a foldable screen, more users are willing to try switching from flat-screen phones to foldable phones. Furthermore, both the internal and external dual screens of the Honor Magic V2 not only have outstanding display quality, but also support risk-free dimming for eye protection. With the surround antenna expansion technology and self-developed RF enhancement chip, the Honor Magic V2 ensures smooth communication in all scenarios. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 leading version processor, together with Honor’s underlying optimization technology, provides a long-lasting and smooth user experience. It can be said that the Honor Magic V2, as Honor CEO Zhao Ming said, is a product that consumers cannot refuse.

In a recent interview video with Honor CEO Zhao Ming, he also mentioned that there will be no challengers to the Honor Magic V2 within six months. As for who will surpass the Magic V2, Zhao Ming jokingly said, “The faster, the better.” Undeniably, as a product that represents the culmination of technology, the revolutionary and evolutionary experience demonstrated by the Honor Magic V2 not only showcases Honor’s technical strength, but also embodies the confidence of Honor in challenging the strongest. The fierce competition not only benefits consumers, but also the entire innovation-driven industry.

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