OnePlus 12 officially announced to support Dolby Vision experience across the entire chain, with Pro-level picture quality.

OnePlus 12 Officially Announced Pro-Level Picture Quality and Dolby Vision Support Across Entire Chain

[Mobile China News] The OnePlus 12 will be officially released on December 5th. As the release date approaches, the official has revealed more configuration information about the new device. On December 3rd, Mobile China noticed that OnePlus officially announced that OnePlus 12 supports full-chain Dolby Vision experience. The official stated: From the Hasselblad full focal length super-imaging beyond the flagship Pro version to the 2K Oriental display, your creations are of high quality throughout the entire chain.

OnePlus 12 officially supports full-chain Dolby Vision experience, with Pro-level picture quality

According to the information previously released by the official, the “Oriental display” equipped on the OnePlus 12 has obtained the highest level certification of DisplayMate A+. It also refreshes an astonishing 18 records! Li Jie said: Maybe everyone doesn’t have a concept, but this means that the “Oriental display” of OnePlus 12 has become the first domestically produced 2K screen to receive DisplayMate A+ certification. It also holds the record for the highest number of record-breaking straight screen smartphone displays.

In addition, OnePlus 12 will debut the exclusive self-developed medical-grade “Bright Eye Protection” technology worldwide, claiming to surpass all existing eye protection solutions in the industry. OnePlus stated that the Bright Eye Protection of the OnePlus 12 Oriental display is taken to the extreme; the industry’s first eye protection technology, Bright Eye Protection, is released for the first time and leads comprehensively. It is reported that this is the industry’s first medical-grade screen eye protection technology and a completely breakthrough new generation of screen eye protection solution. This technology is jointly created by OnePlus, the National Center for Ophthalmology Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering Technology Research, Zhejiang University, screen technology experts, and industry authoritative eye protection experts.

In terms of appearance, according to the official introduction, OnePlus 12 is inspired by “TIME Design”. It has “high luxurious watch-level lens details and 158 processes to create the industry’s most delicate camera lens group. Time scales and starry sky dials, engrave ten years of light and shadow in a square inch.” In terms of color, OnePlus 12 offers three color options, namely, White, Green, and Rock Black.

Taking into account the existing information, the OnePlus 12 will be upgraded in terms of screen, performance, imaging, and other aspects. Interested friends can stay tuned.

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