OnePlus 12 Screen Experience A Magnum Opus for the 10th Anniversary with a Ceiling of Domestic 2K Screen.

OnePlus 12 The Ultimate 10th Anniversary Screen Experience with a Domestic 2K Ceiling

[Mobile China Review] In 2023, OnePlus celebrated its first decade. The tenth year is not only about growth but also surpassing expectations, as OnePlus 12, the flagship for the tenth year, is officially introduced to the public. As a symbol OnePlus has been providing to its users in recent years, having a good screen, OnePlus continues to break through and innovate. This time, OnePlus collaborated with domestic screen manufacturer BOE to bring what is possibly the world’s top-notch 2K BOE screen. This may be the most powerful domestic screen ever and represents Chinese people reaching the summit of screens, akin to scaling Mount Everest.

OnePlus 12 Screen Experience: A monumental work for the tenth anniversary, the ceiling of domestic 2K screen

Last month, OnePlus held the BOE Screen Launch Event and revealed many details, including 6 breakthroughs, 9 world firsts, and 12 global debuts. It is also the first 2K domestic screen to pass DisplayMate A+ certification, breaking 18 records. Before the official release of OnePlus 12, we had the privilege of experiencing this possibly world-class 2K BOE screen. Let’s take a look at its breakthroughs.

OnePlus 12 Screen Experience: A monumental work for the tenth anniversary, the ceiling of domestic 2K screen

DisplayMate may be unfamiliar to many, but it is world-renowned for its comprehensive and stringent screen testing standards and is often referred to as the “Oscars of the screen industry.” The fact that OnePlus 12’s BOE screen can pass the DisplayMate A+ certification speaks volumes about its exceptional quality.

First, let’s talk about the display breakthrough. OnePlus 12’s screen resolution reaches 3168×1440, capable of presenting very clear and realistic image effects. Compared to the 1080P screens and 1.5K screens on the market, OnePlus 12 has inherent display advantages. In order to deliver better display effects, OnePlus 12 is also equipped with a self-developed image quality engine, matching OPPO’s first-generation display chip, Display P1, with a high-precision pixel-level calibration algorithm, realizing the industry’s first single-pixel independent calibration. The calibration has been done 9.12 million times, resulting in a purer and clearer display.

Pixel arrangement of OnePlus 12 screen Pixel arrangement of OnePlus 12 screen

In addition to the resolution, OnePlus 12 also debuts five screen black technologies globally, which include 2K screen horizontal and vertical dual-network circuit design, high-precision dynamic ghosting cancellation algorithm, sunlight high-brightness algorithm, new luminescent materials, and dynamic L0 RGB gamma adjustment scheme. This allows OnePlus 12 to have a JNCD value of approximately 0.35, with very low color deviation and extremely high color accuracy, meeting the requirements of designer-level color accuracy. It has 69.5% evenly distributed low gray brightness and a screen reflectance of 4.0%, surpassing the industry in terms of clarity, color accuracy, transparency, color deviation, display comfort, and brightness uniformity.

OnePlus 12 Screen Experience: A 10th Anniversary Masterpiece with a Domestic 2K Screen

Excellent resolution, color accuracy, transparency, and brightness uniformity are all important indicators for evaluating a screen. The OnePlus 12 introduces the world’s first X1 luminescent material, self-developed multi-channel burden reduction technology, OPPO’s first-generation display chip Display P1, and exclusive customized sunlight high-brightness algorithm. These advancements improve screen driving performance by 90%, resulting in a global peak brightness of 1600nit and a maximum peak brightness of 4500nit, making it the brightest 2K screen in the world.

OnePlus 12 Screen Experience: A 10th Anniversary Masterpiece with a Domestic 2K Screen

Higher brightness levels increase screen contrast and color saturation, expanding the screen’s dynamic range and producing more delicate, clear, and transparent images. Additionally, it allows for greater readability in bright lighting conditions, minimizing interference from external light sources. This is especially beneficial for outdoor use during the daytime.

Readability in Sunlight Readability in Sunlight

Localized Peak Brightness Localized Peak Brightness

In terms of refresh rate, a dimension that many people pay attention to, the OnePlus 12 still employs a 120Hz LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display. However, this time it incorporates the new generation 2K LTPO circuit design, becoming the first Android device to fully utilize the features of LTPO below an 8T circuit. With the assistance of OPPO’s first-generation display chip Display P1 and exclusive customized enhanced driving technology, the OnePlus 12 significantly improves smoothness and reduces issues like app trailing. With the new 2K LTPO technology, the OnePlus 12 achieves zero-delay overclocking, 120-1Hz extreme downclocking, and zero frame drops, resulting in a 2%-5% reduction in power consumption during slide screen scenarios.

Actual tests show that when the screen is static, the refresh rate instantly increases from 1Hz to 120Hz when sliding a page, resulting in a very responsive experience.

OnePlus 12 Screen Experience: A 10th Anniversary Masterpiece with a Domestic 2K Screen

As the page stops, the refresh rate will drop from 120Hz to 60Hz, 30Hz, and eventually 1Hz within about one second, causing a significant decrease in frame rate.

OnePlus 12 screen experience: the ceiling of domestic 2K screens for the tenth anniversary masterpiece

Moreover, in the settings, users can individually set the refresh rate of a certain app according to their preferences. There are three options: 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz, allowing for highly customizable settings.

OnePlus 12 screen experience: the ceiling of domestic 2K screens for the tenth anniversary masterpieceOnePlus 12 screen experience: the ceiling of domestic 2K screens for the tenth anniversary masterpiece

From the OnePlus 7 Pro’s global first 90Hz 2K screen to the OnePlus 9 Pro’s pioneering 120Hz 2K LTPO screen, OnePlus has been constantly pushing the boundaries of high refresh rate technology in smartphones. With the OnePlus 12, the brand introduces a new generation of 2K LTPO screen, fully unleashing the potential of LTPO technology on the 8T circuit, delivering improved smoothness and reduced power consumption, resulting in a better user experience. It can be said that OnePlus’ relentless pursuit of screen innovation has set a trend for domestic manufacturers in this field.

Behind the breakthroughs in peak brightness, color accuracy, color shift, and other parameters, OnePlus has also been considering how to extend the lifespan of OLED screens. Through continuous innovation in circuit design and manufacturing processes in collaboration with BOE, the OnePlus 12 incorporates technologies such as precision wiring and high-transparency wiring with spatial avoidance, achieving a screen lifespan that is more than double the industry average. This allows consumers to enjoy an extended usage cycle and experience a good screen with a prolonged lifespan, which represents the new experience brought by the OnePlus 12.

OnePlus 12 screen experience: the ceiling of domestic 2K screens for the tenth anniversary masterpiece

In addition, eye protection has become a major focus for domestic flagship products, evolving from basic blue light reduction to a deeper level of development, offering all-day eye protection. With the OnePlus 12, the brand introduces the Bright Eye technology, which tackles eye protection from multiple dimensions, including flickering, blue light, and low-light viewing. The technology has obtained Rhein’s highest level of certification for intelligent eye protection 3.0 and has also received eye protection certification from the National Engineering Research Center for Ophthalmology, marking the first time medical-grade eye protection has been implemented on a mobile screen.

Regarding the flicker, the OnePlus 12 improves the flickering issue through its exclusive 3-pulse + single-pulse class DC dimming and 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. Comparing it with the iPhone 15 Pro, we can see a significant difference in the width of the black frames. The iPhone has wider frames, while the OnePlus 12 has narrower ones. The narrower the width of the black frames, the better the flickering performance.

Left: OnePlus 12, Right: iPhone 15 Pro Left: OnePlus 12, Right: iPhone 15 Pro

As for blue light reduction, the OnePlus 12 uses hardware-level low-blue light technology to shift the harmful blue light to around 460nm. This achieves a more comfortable viewing experience that resembles natural light. Moreover, by protecting melatonin, the OnePlus 12 ensures the normal secretion of melatonin before sleep, thereby minimizing the impact of blue light on sleep. In dim lighting conditions, the OnePlus 12 not only reduces flickering with its 2160Hz ultra-high-frequency PWM dimming but also achieves an effect that is not harsh in dim light and clear in bright light through super-precise ambient light adaptation. This ensures eye health and comfort in different lighting conditions.

OnePlus 12 Display Experience: A masterpiece for the 10th anniversary with a domestic 2K screen

In addition, the OnePlus 12 is equipped with an under-display ultrathin fingerprint unlocking feature for this excellent display. The position of the unlocking is more user-friendly compared to the short-focus fingerprint. Simply holding the phone at a comfortable angle can unlock it. At the same time, the OnePlus 12 has also upgraded its rain touch mode, significantly improving the touch experience when your hands are wet. This enhancement greatly increases user satisfaction with the daily unlocking experience.

As OnePlus’ 10th-anniversary masterpiece, the OnePlus 12 brings a top-notch display to the entire industry. It provides users with an unprecedented experience in terms of basic display, brightness, screen lifespan, eye protection, and more. Over the past years, OnePlus has constantly adhered to its original mission, bringing a series of exquisite products such as the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 8 Pro, and more. Each product has its own unique OnePlus experience. With the OnePlus 12, we still see that spirited OnePlus, constantly surpassing itself and fearlessly taking on challenges.

Keep moving forward, and the light will shine in the East!

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