OnePlus makes an appearance at ChinaJoy 2023! The cooling experience zone ignites the on-site atmosphere

OnePlus appears at ChinaJoy 2023, igniting the on-site atmosphere with a cooling experience zone

【Phoneauto News】On July 28, the 2023 China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Products and Technology Application Exhibition (referred to as ChinaJoy) officially opened. As one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment industry, ChinaJoy covers various fields of digital entertainment. At this year’s exhibition, OnePlus released its future-oriented performance technology strategy for the first time and simultaneously exhibited the world’s first “Aerospace-grade” thermal dissipation system, attracting many fans and digital enthusiasts.

With outstanding performance, OnePlus becomes the designated device for seven major exhibitors at ChinaJoy, including Shenqu Games, 4399, Bilibili, Haoyoukuai Bao, NetEase Games, Tencent Games, and Snapdragon Esports Pioneer Tournament, providing device support for over 150 mobile games. OnePlus, in collaboration with “Genshin Impact,” “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” and “Peace Elite,” three popular mobile games, creates an immersive experience in the theme experience zone, allowing different gamers to have a refreshing gaming experience and exciting interactive experience in this scorching summer. The main stage also features high-quality cosplayers, idol singing and dancing girl groups, and bands, bringing exciting performances to the audience. OnePlus’s “Summer Cooling Challenge” ace team competes with professional players, creating a lively atmosphere on-site.

The “Aerospace-grade” thermal dissipation system experience zone, a mysterious installation area of this event, attracted great attention as soon as it appeared. This area showcases OnePlus’s latest thermal dissipation technology, the “Aerospace-grade” thermal dissipation system, and creates three in-depth experience zones: the thermal dissipation system exhibition area, the Laval air passage interactive area, and the Laval air passage experience area, allowing users to deeply experience the powerful capabilities of the thermal dissipation system. The complete set of thermal dissipation systems showcased will debut on the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro, which will be released in August.

Tiangong cooling system, as the world’s first aerospace-grade three-dimensional cooling system, brings the cooling of mobile phones into the next era of cooling, which consists of cooling area, cooling materials, and spatial structure. Tiangong cooling VC has an ultra-large area of 9140mm, not only the largest cooling VC area currently available, but also the industry’s only tens of thousands-level single VC. In terms of the choice of cooling materials, OnePlus uses the highest thermal conductivity new generation diamond thermal gel and new generation superconductive graphite, which increases the thermal conductivity by 60% and 41% compared to the industry’s previous cooling materials.

On the basis of super-sized VC area and aerospace-grade cooling materials, the Tiangong cooling system brings the world’s first aerospace-grade spatial cooling structure, using the globally first “integrated dual-cycle cooling system” and the “Laval nozzle” design imitating the aerospace rocket engine. It not only brings two complete cooling cycles within one VC, but also achieves lossless heat conduction and greatly enhances the circulation power with the help of the Laval nozzle, maximizing the value of the dual-cycle cooling through the dual Laval nozzle. With the blessings of the two spatial structure designs, the cooling capacity of OnePlus Ace 2 Pro has increased fourfold compared to the industry’s traditional VC.

In order to demonstrate the powerful heat dissipation capability of the Tian Gong cooling system, OnePlus showcased a tens of thousands VC heat dissipation board that is twice the size of the industry-standard VC. They also incorporated the groundbreaking aerospace-grade design of the Tian Gong cooling system’s Laval airway amplification and restoration, allowing users to experience and feel the powerful airflow of the Laval airway through on-site installations.

The OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is not only the first model to feature the Tian Gong cooling system, but also the first product under OnePlus’ performance technology strategy. Leveraging deep insights into user performance requirements in the “daily use” and “heavy gaming” scenarios, OnePlus integrated six technologies, including “memory gene recombination,” “micro-architecture supercomputing engine,” “refreshed storage technology,” “intuitive touch control,” “HyperBoost game frame rate stabilization engine,” and “super frame and super image engine” to form the “smooth iron triangle” and the “game iron triangle.” Based on this core, OnePlus further integrates various sub-technologies in the hardware and software fields to create a seamless, efficient, long-lasting, smooth, stable, and clear ultimate experience for users in the daily use and heavy gaming scenarios.

With OnePlus’ comprehensive layout of performance technology strategy and the unprecedented powerful heat dissipation capability of the Tian Gong cooling system, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will further enhance its performance and will be officially launched in August.

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