Why does OnePlus focus on heat dissipation? Li Jie Without heat dissipation, there is no point in discussing performance

OnePlus focuses on heat dissipation because without it, performance is meaningless

【phoneauto News】On July 26th, OnePlus officially announced that it will release OnePlus performance technology strategy and aerospace-grade Tian Gong heat dissipation system at ChinaJoy on July 27th, 2023. OnePlus will declare a significant breakthrough in smartphone heat dissipation technology, introducing the world’s first aerospace-grade Tian Gong heat dissipation system and ushering in a new era of three-dimensional heat dissipation.

Why does OnePlus focus on heat dissipation? Li Jie, the president of OnePlus China, explained the reason.

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Li Jie said that even with the same flagship chip, different phones sometimes show significant performance differences. The performance of smartphone chips is already powerful enough, and the amount of RAM is also large enough. So, what is the bottleneck that restricts the ultimate smooth performance experience?

“For smartphones, without good heat dissipation, there is no talk about performance.” Li Jie stated that heat dissipation is extremely important for the performance of smartphones. This is because the release of performance in smartphones is always accompanied by the generation of heat. If this heat cannot be dissipated in time and accumulates inside the phone, when it reaches a certain level, the phone will face two choices: either reduce performance to extend usage time or simply become unusable, waiting for the heat to naturally dissipate.

Therefore, in order to fully release top-level performance, it is necessary to equip top-level heat dissipation as a guarantee. It can even be said that “the stability of performance on a smartphone depends on how tough the heat dissipation is.” Therefore, heat dissipation technology will be the direction that OnePlus will focus on investing in.

After long-term efforts, exploration, and research, OnePlus has successfully brought materials, technology, and design from the aerospace field to the heat dissipation of mobile phones. So far, the most powerful, efficient, and advanced aerospace-grade cooling system will be unveiled tomorrow.

Li Jie said that the aerospace-grade cooling system is not only the first appearance of OnePlus’ latest cooling technology, but also a new starting point for OnePlus to lead in the field of performance in the future.

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