OnePlus gets bigger! Aerospace-grade cooling system to debut on July 27th

OnePlus introduces aerospace-grade cooling system on July 27th

【Phoneauto News】On July 26th, OnePlus officially announced that OnePlus Performance Technology Strategy and Aerospace-level Tian Gong Heat Dissipation System will make its global debut at 2023 ChinaJoy on July 27th!

OnePlus Announcement

At this conference, OnePlus will first disclose its performance technology strategy and explain the future development direction of OnePlus in the performance field. At the same time, it will also announce a major breakthrough in mobile phone heat dissipation technology, the world’s first aerospace-level Tian Gong Heat Dissipation System, opening a new era of three-dimensional heat dissipation.

“These series of technologies that promote industry progress will take mobile phone performance to a whole new level.”

OnePlus Official Announcement

Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, stated that “making good products” has always been the core concept of the OnePlus brand and the foundation for its presence in the industry. This time, OnePlus will publicly and comprehensively interpret its technological accumulation and strategic direction in the performance field for the first time, and the world’s first “aerospace-level Tian Gong Heat Dissipation System” will also make its formal debut. OnePlus’ intense second half of 2023 has begun.

Previously, OnePlus announced its participation in 2023 ChinaJoy. At this year’s exhibition, OnePlus will bring its largest performance-themed exhibition hall ever – OnePlus ChinaJoy Exhibition, and will also comprehensively explain OnePlus’ performance technology strategy and globally debut its latest technological achievements.

OnePlus ChinaJoy Exhibition

For this OnePlus ChinaJoy Exhibition, OnePlus has joined forces with three major mobile games, “Genshin Impact,” “League of Legends Mobile,” and “Peace Elite,” to create an immersive thematic experience area. At the same time, a mysterious device is also set up on-site, allowing visitors to experience OnePlus’ new technologies that will make their global debut at CJ.

OnePlus has become the exclusive designated device for over 150 mobile games at the 2023 ChinaJoy event, making it possibly the brand with the most mobile game choices at this year’s CJ.

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