OPPO K11 official announcement It adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G mobile platform and supports 1TB expansion

OPPO K11 officially announced with Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G and 1TB expansion support

【Phoneauto News】On July 20th, Phoneauto noticed that OPPO has once again started promotions for the OPPO K11. This time, OPPO announced that the K11 smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 782G mobile platform. This mobile platform adopts TSMC’s 6nm flagship process technology, with a maximum core frequency of 2.7GHz, better energy efficiency, and stronger performance. At the same time, Qualcomm’s AI engine can inject powerful processing capabilities into the K11’s imaging effects, communication, and gaming experience, bringing a better user experience in the same category.

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OPPO also stated that with the support of the ColorOS supercomputing platform, the performance of the OPPO K11 has reached the top of the same platform, with a score of nearly 720,000 on Antutu Benchmark! Whether it’s daily drama watching, short video browsing, or gaming with friends, it can handle them all!

According to OPPO’s previous promotions, the OPPO K11 is aimed at the five hundred million ordinary consumers and aims to popularize flagship-level imaging. The main camera of this phone is built with a Sony IMX890 sensor, which can take photos with up to 50 million pixels. The sensor size is 1/1.56 inch, and it supports four-core one-pixel fusion output of around 12.5 million static images. The size of a single pixel after fusion is 2μm. At the same time, the OPPO K11 also supports flagship imaging technologies such as “natural portrait blur engine”, “dynamic capture engine”, and “ultra-clear image quality engine”.

In addition, the OPPO K11 is available in a highest configuration of 12GB+512GB. Among them, the K11’s operating memory supports up to 8GB of virtual memory expansion, and the storage space of the K11 supports up to 1TB of external storage expansion due to the presence of a TF card slot.

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