Pretty impressive! The OPPO Reno10 series comes standard with ultra-clear, shadow and long-focus lenses

OPPO Reno10 series has impressive cameras with ultra-clear, shadow, and long-focus lenses

【PhoneAuto News】In the current product planning of most mobile phone manufacturers, the configuration of mobile phone imaging systems can be said to be “orderly”. In most mobile phones equipped with three cameras, the two secondary cameras are mostly ultra-wide-angle and portrait lenses, while the telephoto lens is relatively rare, even if there is, it is mostly equipped on “large cup” and “super large cup” models. However, the upcoming OPPO Reno10 series chooses to take a different path and decides to let everyone who buys the Reno10 series experience the fun brought by the telephoto lens.

OPPO Reno10 Series is equipped with Super Light and Shadow Telephoto Lens

On May 22, OPPO officially preheated the new Reno10 series again, announcing that the Reno10 series will be equipped with a telephoto lens as standard. OPPO wrote: “Why can’t the standard version have a telephoto lens? The new OPPO Reno10 series, good lenses are standard for the entire series.” This move by OPPO also indicates that it hopes to break the unwritten industry rule that the standard version is not equipped with a telephoto lens.

Although OPPO has also used the telephoto lens as a major promotional point in the previous preheating, it is indeed a breakthrough to choose to equip this lens as a standard for the entire series. OPPO stated that the Super Light and Shadow Telephoto Lens equipped on the entire Reno10 series will use the golden portrait focal length. Through its self-developed RGBW super-sensing array, the sensitivity can be increased by 60%. In addition, with the exclusive Super Light and Shadow algorithm, the portrait shooting effect will also be better.

OPPO Reno10 Series is equipped with Super Light and Shadow Telephoto Lens

According to OPPO, some versions of Reno10 will also be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens. Due to the use of an ultra-thin periscope module, 12% of the lens module space is saved, and the thickness and feel have also been optimized. The weight of the phone is controlled within 200g, which brings a considerable improvement in grip and shooting effect.

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