More than half of the Chinese manufacturers in the Apple Vision Pro supply chain, including Luxshare Precision, are involved

Over half of Chinese manufacturers in Apple Vision Pro's supply chain, including Luxshare Precision, are involved

【PhoneAuto News】On June 6th, at Apple’s WWDC23 developer conference, their first augmented reality product, Vision Pro, was officially released. On June 16th, PhoneAuto noticed that more than half of the suppliers in the Vision Pro supply chain were Chinese manufacturers, including Luxshare Precision, GoerTek, and Desay Battery.

Apple Vision Pro

The bill of materials released by research institutions shows that the main suppliers of Apple’s latest MR headset, Vision Pro, still come from China, with Chinese suppliers accounting for more than half of the total, including 7 mainland Chinese manufacturers and 11 Taiwanese manufacturers.

Specifically, according to the Wellsenn XR report, in addition to Luxshare Precision, mainland Chinese manufacturers also include GoerTek, Desay Battery, Goertek, Changying Precision, Linyi Manufacturing, and Megmeet. On the other hand, the Morgan Stanley report pointed out that Taiwanese manufacturers include TSMC, Largan Precision, ASE Group, AU Optronics, Pegatron, MediaTek, Zhen Ding Technology, Xineng Technology, Jing Shuo, Nanya Technology, and Catcher Technology.

In terms of appearance, Apple Vision Pro adopts a design similar to skiing goggles, with a full glass front panel and an aluminum alloy frame. It is equipped with sensors, cameras, two 23 million pixel displays, a cooling fan, an external battery, and a new magnetic charging cable, and overall looks simple and stylish.

In addition, Vision Pro adopts a dual-chip design, including an M2 chip and an R1 chip, uses a spatial audio system, and is equipped with 12 sensors, 5 cameras, and 6 microphones. It also features the VisionOS operating system specially designed for it. The new product will be available for sale in early next year at a price of $3,499.

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