Million-dollar luxury car terrifying experience on the highway! Owner complains that the steering wheel of the Aston Martin DBX is locked

Owner of Aston Martin DBX complains of locked steering wheel during terrifying highway experience

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, a female Aston Martin owner in Guangzhou reported to the media that her Aston Martin DBX S6 off-road vehicle experienced a sudden power failure and steering wheel lock while driving on the highway. The automaker’s after-sales manager said that they have reported the issue to the company, but have not yet reached an agreement with the consumer.

According to the female owner, she and her family jointly purchased the Aston Martin DBX S6. While driving on the highway in another province, the steering wheel suddenly locked, the entire car lost power, the dashboard displayed a fault, and the vehicle lost power. Fortunately, the driver in the car had extensive driving experience and was able to park the car on the emergency lane in time.

Currently, the mentioned Aston Martin DBX S6 has been sent to a nearby 4S store, but due to a complete power failure, the right rear door of the car has been unable to close. The 4S store manager told the media that during inspection, they found that the left foot support of the driver’s seat was in contact with the positive line of the vehicle, which was the main cause of the vehicle malfunction. The manager said, “According to the Three Guarantees Law and the vehicle’s warranty, the vehicle provides a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. We will first handle the vehicle’s maintenance issues in accordance with laws and regulations to ensure that it will not happen again.”

The female owner said that the car was purchased in May 2022, and a total of 2.242 million yuan was paid for the purchase. However, now that such a problem has occurred, the female owner and her family dare not use the car again. She said to the media, “I think there is a quality problem. Even if you have fixed it, I still dare not drive it. Such a big safety hazard has appeared.”

Ms. Guo subsequently requested a return of the car and other corresponding demands. In response, the after-sales manager of Aston Martin Service Center stated that they have reported the relevant situation to the company. Currently, the involved car company and the owner have not reached a final agreement.

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