Driverless Ponyai begins unmanned automatic driving testing in Shenzhen

Ponyai starts driverless testing in Shenzhen

【PhoneAuto News】On May 29th, announced on its official WeChat account that it has been granted the first and only Shenzhen-level “intelligent connected vehicle unmanned testing” license, officially launching the “main driver seat without a safety officer” autonomous driving unmanned test in the core area of Shenzhen.

In addition, on March 17th of this year, obtained the “unmanned vehicle remote stage” (fully unmanned) demonstration application license for the high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone in Beijing, and was allowed to launch a fully unmanned autonomous driving travel service in Beijing Yizhuang, becoming the first batch of enterprises to obtain the “fully unmanned” demonstration application license. On April 21st, obtained Guangzhou’s first and only remote passenger-carrying test license. Citizens can order through the PonyPilot+ travel software to enjoy safe, convenient, and comfortable remote passenger-carrying autonomous driving travel services.

It is reported that unmanned driving vehicles need to undergo a large number of strict tests before they can be put on the road, including remote scenario testing, extreme scenario testing, safety management testing, network and data security testing, and risk response testing, and undergo comprehensive evaluations by experts and government departments.’s successful completion of these tests proves that it has solid technical strength and rich experience in unmanned driving. As of now,’s unmanned test mileage has exceeded 1 million kilometers, and the number of paid travel orders is nearly 200,000.

According to PhoneAuto, was founded at the end of 2016 and is committed to providing safe, advanced, and reliable full-stack autonomous driving technology, achieving a thorough change in future transportation methods. It currently has research and development centers in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

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