Ponyai’s stock price soared after announcing that its new car G6 received over 25,000 orders

Ponyai's stock price increased due to G6 car receiving 25,000 orders

【PhoneAuto News】On June 13th, PhoneAuto noticed that the stock price of Xiaopeng Motors rose by more than 11%, currently trading at $9.86 (about RMB 70.456) per share on the US stock market. Currently, Xiaopeng Motors has a market value of $8.512 billion (about RMB 60.8233 billion) on the US stock market. However, despite the significant increase, overall, Xiaopeng Motors’ stock price has still experienced a significant decline compared to its previous peak.

Not long ago, Xiaopeng Motors officially launched its new car, the Xiaopeng G6. According to official information, the Xiaopeng G6 will be officially launched on June 29th, and user delivery will begin in July. According to information released by the company on June 12th, after the Xiaopeng G6 opened for pre-sale, 25,000 users ordered the model within three days. Currently, users interested in this model can pre-order the Xiaopeng G6 through Xiaopeng Motors’ APP, official website, WeChat mini program and other channels. Users who pre-order the Xiaopeng G6 with a deposit of 2000 yuan can enjoy three pre-sale rights, including deposit inflation, Lin Zhiying signature gift package, and advance locking of the listing policy.

According to official introduction, the Xiaopeng G6 is built on the SEPA 2.0 shaking architecture, adopts the global 800V high-voltage SiC silicon carbide platform and standard 3C battery core, and its comprehensive cruising range under CLTC working conditions can reach up to 755km, and it can replenish 300km of cruising range for the vehicle in 10 minutes of charging. In terms of power system, the Xiaopeng G6 offers two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions, with a maximum power of 218kW and a peak torque of 440N·m for the two-wheel drive version, and a comprehensive power of 358kW and a comprehensive torque of 660N·m for the four-wheel drive version.

In May 2023, Xiaopeng Motors delivered a total of 7,506 new vehicles, which is roughly the same as the total delivery volume of 7,079 vehicles in April. Among them, the delivery volume of Xiaopeng P7i showed significant growth compared to the previous month.

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