Rolls-Royce CEO Considering a comprehensive shift towards hydrogen fuel cell technology in the future

Rolls-Royce CEO mulls over shift to hydrogen fuel cells

[PhoneAuto News] Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that according to information from related media, Torsten Müller-tvs, the CEO of British luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce, stated in an interview with related media that considering Rolls-Royce’s brand positioning and customer expectations, the company is considering a comprehensive transition to hydrogen fuel cells in the future, but the premise is that its technology is mature enough to achieve large-scale commercialization.

The CEO also said that although companies such as Toyota have developed hydrogen engines, and Rolls-Royce’s parent company also tried hydrogen combustion technology in the BMW 7 series in the early 21st century, Rolls-Royce will not consider using hydrogen engines: “This technology is not the most effective way to use hydrogen. If hydrogen is to be used in the future, it must be through fuel cells. Fuel cells are no different from ordinary batteries, except for the way they obtain energy.” “When we think the time is right, Rolls-Royce will definitely pursue more advanced technology, and perhaps we will move away from ordinary batteries and fully transition to the fuel cell field.”

Currently, electric vehicles are gradually becoming the mainstream of the automotive industry and market worldwide, and only a few automakers have expressed support for the development of hydrogen energy vehicles, including Toyota and others. At the same time, Japan is also strongly supporting the development of hydrogen energy vehicles. According to information from local media, the Japanese government plans to cooperate with the private sector and invest over 15 trillion yen (approximately 760 billion yuan) in the next 15 years to improve Japan’s hydrogen energy supply chain. Recently, Rolls-Royce has launched a pure electric car Spectre, which is priced from $327,700 to $458,000.

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