Starting from 195,900 yuan! SAIC Maxus introduces the new MIFA9 2024 model

SAIC Maxus launches new MIFA9 2024 model, starting at 195,900 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】On June 29th, PhoneAuto learned that SAIC Maxus has officially released the 2024 model of the MIFA9, offering 5 models with separate electric and vehicle components, with prices ranging from 195,900 yuan to 325,900 yuan.

2024 MIFA9

In terms of appearance, the new MIFA9 has a simple and elegant overall design; the front end adopts a horizontal design in multiple areas, with excellent recognition. The vehicle has added a 2024 exclusive body color, Ice Fei Green, which continues the dual-color roof design of Snow Green. The body has been added with a mysterious metallic powder, and 19-inch fifteen-spoke luxury wheels have been added. The wheels have a dense multi-bar design, with a black roof, front and rear LED light strips, giving the vehicle a high-quality feel.

At the same time, the improvement of double-layer glass and NVH brings better quietness for users. Design and process improvements have been made in 10 areas such as the A-pillar, A2-pillar, and B-pillar. Acoustic covering has been added to the A-pillar, rear side trim, front doors, and sliding doors, comprehensively improving the overall vehicle’s sound insulation quality. In terms of dimensions, the new vehicle has a length, width, and height of 5270/2000/1840mm, and a wheelbase of 3200mm.

In terms of details, the new MIFA9 can provide 5G network, with processor capability reaching 8TOPS, and Ethernet upgraded from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, bringing a more intelligent driving experience. At the same time, in terms of comfort, the new vehicle has upgraded hydraulic and patch-type damping technology, combined with all-terrain chassis tuning, increasing ride comfort by 30%.

As the first fast-swapping model of SAIC Maxus, the entire MIFA9 lineup supports vehicle-to-grid separation, providing users with battery rental and swapping services. It is equipped with SAIC Group’s Magic Cube battery, which can provide two different capacities of 90/77kwh batteries, while also meeting a lifespan of 5000 battery swaps.

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