Samsung A25 5G rendering exposure waterdrop screen with a retro aesthetic, and it also comes with a 35mm headphone jack

Samsung A25 5G features a retro waterdrop screen design and includes a 35mm headphone jack

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, new models from Samsung’s A series and M series have been frequently exposed. According to PhoneAuto, the new Samsung A25 5G has also been leaked by foreign media, and we can see its design details through the rendered images.

Rendered image of Samsung A25 5G

According to foreign media reports, Samsung released the A24 4G as early as May, but the company is apparently developing another new model, the A25 5G. Recently, the rendered image of this phone based on CAD has been leaked, and its appearance looks almost the same as the A24 4G. According to the description by foreign media, the dimensions of the Samsung A25 5G are 162×77.5×8.3 millimeters. As a comparison, the dimensions of the Samsung A24 4G are 162.1×77.6×8.3 millimeters, so the two phones are almost the same in size. Based on this, the screens of these two phones are also the same, both using a 6.44-inch display.

From the front, the Samsung A25 5G phone uses a less common waterdrop screen, with a relatively wide bottom bezel, which is consistent with its positioning. On the back of the phone, the A25 5G continues Samsung’s design language of the past two years, with three cameras arranged vertically, slightly protruding from the body, and the flash located on the upper right side. In other aspects, including the frame and buttons, there is nothing too unconventional. However, Samsung will definitely provide a variety of color options for this phone, not just the black shown in the rendered images.

Rendered image of Samsung A25 5G

PhoneAuto has learned that foreign media further revealed that the power button of the Samsung A25 5G embeds a fingerprint sensor, while retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Currently, we are not sure when the A25 5G will be released. Given that the appearance of this device is similar to the A24 4G, it is expected that the official will not launch a new device in the short term.

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