Samsung Electronics’ net profit for the second quarter was 15 trillion won, compared to 14 trillion won in the previous quarter

Samsung Electronics' net profit in Q2 increased from 14 trillion won to 15 trillion won

【Phoneauto News】On July 27th, Phoneauto noticed that Samsung Electronics released its latest financial report. In the second quarter of 2023, Samsung Electronics achieved a net profit of 1.55 trillion Korean won (approximately 87.12 billion RMB), estimated at 925.01 billion Korean won. The second quarter sales reached 60.01 trillion Korean won (approximately 3,372.6 billion RMB), estimated to be 62.05 trillion Korean won. Samsung Electronics stated that it expects the smartphone market to grow in the second half of the year compared to last year, but if the risk of global economic downturn continues to exist, the market may shrink. It is also expected that the demand for storage chips will gradually increase in the second half of the year.

For reference, Phoneauto also listed Samsung Electronics’ financial report data for the first quarter of 2023: operating profit was 14.1 trillion Korean won, which increased compared to the fourth quarter of 2022’s 13.87 trillion Korean won; total operating revenue was 77 trillion Korean won, which also increased compared to the fourth quarter of 2022’s 76.57 trillion Korean won.

It is worth mentioning that on the evening of July 26th, Samsung just held a new product launch event, introducing two foldable screen phones, the Samsung Z Fold5 and the Samsung Z Flip5, as well as a series of new products. Among them, the Samsung Z Fold5 offers two versions of 12GB+512GB and 12GB+1TB, with pre-sale prices of 13,999 yuan and 15,999 yuan respectively. The Samsung Z Flip5 offers two versions of 8GB+256GB and 8GB+512GB, with pre-sale prices of 8,499 yuan and 9,499 yuan respectively; the Samsung Tab S9 series tablets have three models, among which the standard version starts at 6,499 yuan, and the Ultra version’s highest configuration is priced at 12,699 yuan.

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