Samsung expects the smartphone market to grow year-on-year in the second half of the year, but risks of contraction remain

Samsung expects smartphone market growth in the second half of the year, but contraction risks persist

【Phoneauto News】In the first half of the year, the smartphone market can be said to be chilly. As we enter the second half of the year, what kind of trend will it present? On July 27th, Phoneauto noticed that Samsung Electronics stated that the smartphone market is expected to grow in the second half of the year compared to last year, but if the risk of a global economic downturn continues to exist, the market may shrink.

The latest report from market research firm Canalys shows that the global smartphone market has experienced a decline for the fifth consecutive quarter. This trend is not only a problem in the Chinese market, but also a common challenge faced by the global smartphone industry. Smartphone manufacturers need to find new breakthroughs to reverse the market’s decline.

The shrinkage of the smartphone market has already been seen during this year’s 618 shopping festival. Relevant data shows that during the 618 period this year, smartphone sales reached 13.4 million units. Although this number seems considerable, it has decreased by 7% compared to last year. This means that consumers’ demand for smartphones has weakened.

Although the smartphone market is experiencing a downward trend, research institution analysis shows that the future development of the smartphone market is optimistic. With the popularization of 5G technology and the rise of emerging markets, the smartphone industry still has great potential. Manufacturers need to strengthen innovation and launch more competitive products to cope with market challenges.

In addition, in the coming months, the smartphone market will see a wave of new product releases. The launch of these new products will further stimulate the market and have significant implications for the entire smartphone industry. It is understood that the release of new Apple products will be in over two months, the Huawei Mate series flagship is also expected to arrive in September or October, and the new generation Snapdragon flagship mobile platform will be released in October.

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