Samsung’s Lu Taiwen Future will introduce dust-proof solutions for foldable devices

Samsung's Lu Taiwen Future to introduce dust-proof solutions for foldable devices

【Phone Auto News】On the evening of July 26th, Samsung held a product launch event in South Korea, officially introducing the all-new Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5. Prior to the event, there were numerous rumors that these two foldable screens would be dustproof and waterproof for the first time this year. However, after the release, some netizens discovered that these two foldable screen phones still only support waterproof functionality and not dustproof functionality.

TM Roh, Head of Samsung’s Mobile Business, interviewed by the media

In response to this, TM Roh, Head of Samsung’s Mobile Business, stated during a media interview that Samsung is still exploring methods to achieve dustproofing for foldable smartphones and will make more efforts to implement dustproofing as soon as possible. Just like how Samsung’s foldable screen phones initially didn’t support waterproofing but eventually added this functionality through iterations.

In fact, as foldable screens continue to iterate, their body strength and user experience are constantly improving. TM Roh also expressed the development goal for Samsung’s foldable screen phones at a press conference in Seoul: Samsung Electronics aims to increase the global sales share of foldable smartphones to 25% by 2025 and make them a performance pillar alongside the Galaxy S series.

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