Sony Renames IMX and Launches New Mobile Sensor Brand LYTIA

Sony launches new mobile sensor brand LYTIA, renaming IMX

【PhoneAuto News】In the past two years, mobile phone brands have been constantly competing in the area of imaging capabilities, which has witnessed the emergence of many flagship products with outstanding imaging capabilities. It has also made many digital enthusiasts more aware of sensor models, especially the Sony IMX series, with impressive numbers such as 989/766/890. However, this familiar IMX series will disappear from mobile phones.

Recently, Sony announced a new image sensor brand called LYTIA. According to the introduction, LYTIA is a new product brand of Sony’s mobile device image sensor, aiming to provide a “beyond imagination” creative imaging experience.

At the same time as the new naming was announced, Sony also released five new products named LYT 900, LYT 800, LYT 700, LYT 600, and LYT 500. However, in terms of specific parameters, some of the products are just a change in naming method. For example, LYT 900, LYT 800, and LYT 700 are the previous IMX989/888/890, only the names have been changed. It is worth mentioning that LYT600 is a brand new sensor with a CMOS size of 1/1.95 inches. Some bloggers believe that it will be used as a telephoto or periscope telephoto lens.

In fact, it is not uncommon for product lines to be renamed in the technology field. A few days ago, Intel’s Core series also announced a new naming method. The choice of renaming the brand is nothing more than wanting to sort out the product line and make consumers more clear and intuitive about the relevant products. Today, Sony’s release of LYTIA has given Sony a more “vertical” product line in image sensors, avoiding confusion with other types of CMOS sensors under its umbrella.

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