Sports work fully under control! Honor Watch 4 becomes the new partner of the champions

Sports under control! Honor Watch 4 partners with champions

【Phoneauto News】Whether it’s daily life or outdoor sports, more and more people are choosing smartwatches as their auxiliary equipment. Recently, Guo Ailun, a basketball player who has won three CBA championships, shared a video of his “endurance training without power interruption” and introduced his new smartwatch – Honor Watch 4. At the same time, Huo Ruqi, the captain of the Olympic champion women’s volleyball team, shared a video of her “full workload” as a commentator for women’s volleyball events and invited her new partner, Honor Watch 4, to cheer for the women’s volleyball team.

To be honest, there are many smartwatch brands and models on the market. Why can Honor Watch 4 become the “new partner” of champion Guo Ailun and Huo Ruqi?

In Guo Ailun’s video of “endurance training without power interruption,” the first demonstration is a 1v1 confrontation, where Guo Ailun shows off his skills. Dribbling between the legs, 360-degree turn, quick stop jump shot… And his sports partner, Honor Watch 4, has professional sports modes that record various data such as calories and training time. In fact, Honor Watch 4 supports 12 professional sports modes and 85 sports modes, which can meet the diverse sports needs of users. For fitness enthusiasts, relying on Honor Watch 4 can make daily fitness and exercise more scientifically effective.

During sports, music can make people more immersed. From the tune Guo Ailun hums in the video, it can be guessed that the song playing on Honor Watch 4 is his favorite song, “” by Jay Chou. This is the exclusive song for Guo Ailun’s home goals, and under the rhythm of “,” his dunking actions become more and more intense. It is understood that Honor Watch 4 can play music independently and support Bluetooth, allowing users to wear TWS earphones to listen to music, making the sports process more enjoyable.

In the video, Guo Ailun received a basketball invitation from a friend through the Honor Watch 4 while training. He quickly replied to his friend using the “quick reply” function. To be honest, this function is really nice. With this, when everyone goes out to exercise, they don’t need to bring their phones and don’t have to worry about missing important messages. It turns out that the Honor Watch 4 supports the “dual standby” function, which can remotely connect to the phone, receive app notifications, YOYO suggestions, and more.

On the other hand, the Honor Watch 4 can not only receive SMS messages from the phone’s dual SIM cards, but also receive missed call reminders from the phone’s secondary SIM card. During the exercise, after Guo Ailun received a missed call reminder from his friend named “Xian Xian”, he directly called back with just one click. This is similar to the “dual SIM dual standby” feature on a phone, ensuring that no important information or calls are missed.

Although everyone has different usage needs for digital products such as phones, watches, and headphones, one thing that unexpectedly remains consistent is the desire for longer battery life. In the video, Guo Ailun trained from 9 am until 9 pm, and the battery of the Honor Watch 4 only dropped from 99% to 92%. With such strong battery life, there is no need to worry about running out of battery while exercising.

After seeing the outstanding performance of the Honor Watch 4 in sports scenarios, it also showcases its excellent product capabilities in the daily work and life of Olympic champion women’s volleyball team captain Hui Ruoqi.

Before heading to the venue for the sports commentary work, Zhu Ting warmed up with a morning run. During this process, the Honor Watch 4’s sports mode continuously monitored the wearer’s walking steps, distance, calories, and other exercise data, providing scientific reference for Zhu Ting’s exercise information management.

During the morning run, faced with reminders from colleagues, Zhu Ting easily made a call using the eSIM function: “I’ll run over, see you later.” Even if the phone is not by her side, the Honor Watch 4 can stay connected at any time, without worrying about missing important information.

The Honor Watch 4 also has a new sports arena feature. This feature not only allows users to share their own exercise routes on social platforms, but also allows them to create exclusive sports challenges to attract others. For example, in the video shared by Zhu Ting, the Honor Watch 4 recorded her running route, while Zhu Ting invited her friends to join the challenge, greatly enhancing the fun of outdoor running and realizing a new sports social mode.

In the video, when Zhu Ting finished commenting on the volleyball match, she received a call from her assistant. She quickly made a return call, which is really convenient. For users who use two phone numbers, this feature undoubtedly has great appeal.

After finishing work, Zhu Ting didn’t forget to show off her skills on the spot. By activating the volleyball sports mode, she performed an “art-level” demonstration with ease, allowing us to once again appreciate her “elegance” on the volleyball court. This is thanks to the Honor Watch 4’s support for nearly a hundred sports modes, truly achieving mastery in every aspect.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to sports monitoring, the Honor Watch 4 also provides users with comprehensive health monitoring such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and stress; in terms of voice, the Honor Watch 4 also comes with the YOYO voice assistant, allowing various voice interaction operations to be completed with just a sentence; it also supports NFC function, including access cards, transportation cards, payment codes, finding phone assistant, remote control photography, and more.

Overall, as a smartwatch product that focuses on outdoor sports, the Honor Watch 4 has achieved a good balance between battery life and functionality. Such an appealing smartwatch, you deserve to have it.

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