Tengshi Automobile’s total number of users exceeds 100,000 The official has launched three major welfare policies

Tengshi Automobile has over 100,000 users and has introduced three major welfare policies

【Phoneauto News】On July 26th, Zhao Changjiang, the General Manager of Tengshi Automotive Sales Division, stated in a post that the cumulative number of Tengshi Automotive users has successfully exceeded 100,000. Behind this achievement is the recognition and trust of users and consumers in Tengshi Automotive’s products and services. To express gratitude for the support of these 100,000+ Tengshi Automotive users, the official has prepared a series of welfare policies.

According to the introduction, the current policies include: 1. New products – Tengshi will launch a new version of the Tengshi D9 DM-i in August this year. The pure electric range of this vehicle will reach 98 kilometers, and it will also support 45kW fast charging technology and 6kW external discharge technology; 2. Optional new products – the long-awaited electric suction door and second-row small table for old Tengshi models will be officially available soon. Consumers who place orders for these products from August 1st to September 30th can enjoy an 20% discount; 3. Welfare Partner Program – this program will promote the common growth of Tengshi Automotive users, including boutique self-driving tours connecting scenic spots, regional cooperation in the Tengshi Friends Circle program, and the DENZA Co-creation program for co-creating joint products, and so on. More information will be officially announced in the future.

Currently, according to the official information previously released, the luxury MPV model Tengshi D9 under Tengshi is still selling well. In June 2023, the monthly sales of this model continued to remain stable at over 10,000 units, and the transaction price was very high. In addition, the newly released Tengshi N7 received over 20,000 blind orders within a month, with a price range of 319,800 yuan to 379,800 yuan, and it also has the potential to become a popular model.

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