Tesla is accused of infringing on electric vehicle patents, involving 20,000 charging stations

Tesla accused of patent infringement, involving 20,000 charging stations

【phoneauto News】Recently, phoneauto noticed that electric vehicle company Tesla was recently sued for alleged infringement of Graphite Charging’s innovative electric vehicle patents related to its charging stations and automated control software. According to the lawsuit filed on August 4th in the Western District of Texas by Graphite Charging, Tesla’s charging network, which consists of approximately 20,000 “Supercharger” stations, is accused of infringement. Graphite Charging claims that Tesla used the same method developed by their company to detect charging interruptions, and their technology that adjusts computing device power consumption based on environmental conditions such as weather or energy prices is also accused of being copied.

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According to a patent application and disclosure study conducted jointly by Nikkei News and Tokyo analyst company Intellectual Property Landscape in 2021, Tesla has accumulated over 580 patents from its establishment in 2003 until March 2021. It is reported that the majority of these 580 patents belong to electric motor technology, with around 170 patents related to transportation, including user operations, among others. Additionally, some patents are closely related to user experience. Furthermore, Tesla has many patents related to computers and semiconductors.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Tesla filed a lawsuit against an Australian company in a federal court in Texas, claiming that this company’s supercapacitors for electric vehicle battery storage infringed on two of Tesla’s US patents. Tesla stated that the electrode working principle used in Cap-XX supercapacitors is the same as Maxwell’s patented technology.

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