Delivery is imminent! Aerial photos show that Tesla Cybertruck production is progressing smoothly

Tesla Cybertruck production is progressing smoothly and delivery is coming soon

【PhoneAuto News】As a highly anticipated new model of Tesla, Cybertruck has finally started delivery this year after multiple delays. However, considering its tradition of delayed release dates, many people are half-hearted about Musk’s previous promises. But recently, a video shot by a drone in the Tesla factory, which was released by a netizen, may allow Cybertruck buyers who have been waiting for years to finally relax.

Tesla Cybertruck

According to a video recently released by Twitter user Joe Tegtmeyer, he used a drone to “scout” the Tesla Texas Super Factory. Through the screenshot of the video he took, it can be seen that the production of Tesla Cybertruck is in full swing in the factory. Two 9,000-ton casting presses have been installed, and a large number of Cybertruck castings have been found.

Production scene in Tesla Texas factory

Since the first quarter of this year, Tesla has been testing the Cybertruck vehicles for production trials, and all signs indicate that Tesla is ready for mass production. According to previous statements, the first batch of mass-produced Cybertrucks will be offline in August and will be delivered at the end of the third quarter. Even if it is delivered by the end of September at the latest, it still needs to be prepared for the upcoming mass delivery.

Tesla Cybertruck made its debut in November 2019. After several delays, it is undoubtedly the most anticipated electric vehicle in 2023. Currently, Tesla has approximately 1.8 million Cybertruck order holders. Considering that the automaker expects to produce 375,000 vehicles per year, it may take more than four years to fulfill all orders. Among the three models of the car, the three-motor Cybertruck priced at $69,900 is the most popular. Tesla said that its range will exceed 500 miles (804 kilometers), and the acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour takes only 2.8 seconds, with a maximum towing capacity of an astonishing 14,000 pounds, making it a full-fledged performance monster.

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