Tesla eyes Israeli battery company technology, charging for five minutes extends range by 160 kilometers

Tesla is interested in Israeli battery technology that can extend the range of its vehicles by 160 kilometers with just a five-minute charge

【PhoneAuto News】In order to further improve the driving experience of electric vehicle owners, many car manufacturers are now investing heavily in the research of fast charging for vehicles. Recently, foreign media reported that Tesla is evaluating the ultra-fast charging (XFC) battery technology of the Israeli startup company StoreDot.

StoreDot Battery Pack

According to the report by USA Today, Tesla is looking for ways to shorten the charging time of electric vehicle batteries, as this would greatly alleviate users’ range anxiety and attract more users to electric vehicles. The report stated that Tesla has not yet entered into formal negotiations with StoreDot, but this news reflects that Tesla has not stopped exploring ways to improve charging efficiency.

The report mentioned that Tesla’s expertise in battery management systems and vehicle integration makes it an ideal company to evaluate and potentially validate StoreDot’s work in new battery technology. StoreDot is a well-known startup company in electric vehicle batteries, and its battery architecture uses nanomaterials and organic compounds to achieve fast charging without affecting the overall capacity of the battery.

StoreDot 4680 Battery

StoreDot stated that its XFC battery has previously been verified by the independent battery laboratory Shmuel De-Leon Energy (SDLE). The laboratory tested StoreDot’s 30Ah pouch-style XFC battery and concluded that they have excellent fast charging capability and a high energy density of 300Wh/kg. StoreDot aims to improve its XFC battery to achieve a charging time of 5 minutes and a range of 100 miles (about 160 kilometers) by 2024. By 2028, they aim to reduce this number to 3 minutes and further shorten it to 2 minutes by 2030.

However, if Tesla is really evaluating StoreDot’s XFC battery technology, the battery will still need to undergo rigorous testing to assess its safety, reliability, and lifespan.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously stated that the company is still seeking to provide more batteries for its vehicles. The company also maintains an open choice in terms of new battery technologies, so if StoreDot’s XFC battery can be mass-produced and put into commercial use, it is likely to become Tesla’s new choice.

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