Travel far for what’s near? Tesla is reportedly shipping vehicles from China to Canada for sales

Tesla is shipping cars from China to Canada for sales

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, foreign media reported that Tesla is shipping some of its electric vehicles made in China to North America. This is Tesla’s second time transporting electric vehicles from China across the Pacific to North America. It is understood that the final destination of these vehicles will be Canada, where they will be sold in the market.

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Back in November 2022, Reuters reported that Tesla was considering shipping electric vehicles from China to the United States for sale, causing concern that it could affect Tesla’s factory production in the United States. When Tesla was building its super factory in Shanghai, some speculated that it would eventually become the company’s most successful factory and eventually ship Chinese-made cars to the US market. However, this news was later denied by Musk. But this news may indeed be true, as Musk has not responded to any tweets about Tesla shipping its electric cars from China to Canada.

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In April 2023, Reuters reported again that Tesla cars from China had once again entered the United States, but only briefly stopped at a port in Washington state before heading to their final destination in Canada, according to shipping documents.

In Musk’s view, the Tesla Shanghai factory is already Tesla’s most important manufacturing factory. In addition to meeting the needs of the local market in China, the Shanghai factory will also supply Tesla’s global overseas market. Before the Tesla Berlin factory is officially put into production, the majority of Tesla models in Europe also come from Shanghai. After the Berlin factory is put into production, Tesla from Shanghai will still supply international markets that do not have local factories, and Canada is one of them.

However, with the increase in production capacity of the Austin factory and the future production of Tesla in Mexico, the production capacity of the North American and even the entire American market may be met. At that time, many American countries including Canada may no longer need to ship goods from China for sales, and Tesla’s new cars from the Shanghai factory will be shipped to regions and countries that still do not have Tesla factories for sales.

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