Tesla Model S/X discount reaches $8000 Is this an end-of-quarter clearance sale?

Tesla Model S/X now discounted up to $8000 Is it an end-of-quarter clearance sale?

【PhoneAuto News】On June 19th, PhoneAuto learned that Tesla has lowered the prices of its Model S and Model X inventory in the US market and is offering three years of free supercharging service. This move means that as the end of the quarter approaches, Tesla hopes to achieve better financial performance by reducing inventory. It is reported that after significantly reducing the prices of the new Model S/X earlier this year, Tesla is now offering discounts of approximately $8,000 for Model S/X inventory cars.

Tesla Model S

According to Tesla’s official website, customers can now buy the 2023 Tesla Model S for about $83,000, with a discount of $7,500; while the price of the Model X is about $93,000, lower than the previous $102,240, with a discount of $7,810. This preferential policy was initially launched to attract old Model S owners to purchase new cars, and later extended to all new orders.

Tesla US official website

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the US market, Tesla has recently conducted promotional activities in the Chinese market. Recently, Tesla announced that the Model 3 inventory June incentive has been officially launched. From June 16th to 30th, customers who purchase the in-stock Model 3 rear-wheel drive version and complete the delivery can enjoy an 8,000 yuan insurance subsidy and a preferential interest rate loan program. Regarding this Tesla Model 3 inventory June incentive activity, Tesla customer service responded that this preferential activity is limited to inventory cars. Customers can choose according to their own needs within the range of inventory cars in the store. Don’t worry that they are inventory cars that have been stored for a long time. Our inventory cars are just produced. To participate in this event, you also need to purchase insurance from one of Tesla’s four designated insurance companies.

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