Cool! Tesla Model Y transformed into future police car with modification costs reaching up to 300,000 yuan

Tesla Model Y transformed into future police car with modification costs of up to 300,000 yuan

【Phoneauto News】According to phoneauto, a foreign modified car company has recently created a Tesla Model Y police car, full of futuristic feeling. It is reported that the modification cost alone is as high as about 300,000 yuan.

Tesla Model Y Police Car

According to foreign media reports, Unplugged Performance is a company specializing in aftermarket modifications for Tesla vehicles, headquartered in Hawthorne, California, close to the Tesla Design Center and SpaceX headquarters. The company aims to help Tesla owners further customize their vehicles and maximize their driving experience. Now, it has established a new department called UPfit, with the first product in its product line being the Tesla Model Y police car.

Currently, Unplugged Performance has received orders for 20 Tesla Model Y police cars from the city of South Pasadena, the first city in the United States to completely replace traditional police cars with electric vehicles. The price of this Tesla-based police car is $91,990 (about 660,000 yuan), with the base car costing $50,490 and an additional $41,500 (about 300,000 yuan) for UPfit modification. Even so, the cost is still about $7,000 lower than the previous Ford hybrid police car.

Unplugged Performance emphasizes the benefits of electric vehicles for law enforcement and public safety operations, including cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and minimizing downtime caused by maintenance. In addition, electric vehicles can provide power to onboard electronic devices with lower energy requirements.

It is reported that UPfit provides custom options for the Tesla Model Y police car, including various equipment and accessories tailored to law enforcement requirements, ranging from seat covers, seat and durable interior materials modifications, to grille protection devices, custom lighting, and high-performance braking systems. The company also offers technology add-ons such as GPS and radio systems, as well as armored packages for enhanced protection.

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