Tesla Model Y wins another award, this time for its practicality for families

Tesla Model Y wins award for family practicality

【PhoneAuto News】Tesla Model Y has won the “Best Family Car” award for AutoTrader 2023, highlighting its practicality for families with children, as well as being an ideal choice for parents who want to experience the latest and best technology.

Tesla Model Y wins “Best Family Car” award

Model Y has “all the advantages of the popular Model 3 and builds an excellent family car on this basis.” As a same-class model of Model 3 sedan, Tesla fully considered the needs of the mass market in the development of Model Y. Model Y provides everything that Model 3 has, larger cargo space, more functions, and more ideal design to meet consumer needs.

AutoTrader emphasizes the best qualities of Model Y, including its “simple cockpit, stunning central touch screen, quirky and interesting technology integration, impressive battery life and effortless acceleration.”

Consumers also seem to recognize the impressive popularity and versatility of Model Y, which has been climbing in the ranking of the world’s best-selling cars since its launch in 2020. As CEO Elon Musk said many years ago, he expected Model Y to become the world’s best-selling car.

This goal was achieved in the first quarter, with sales data showing that Tesla sold 267,200 Model Ys in the first three months of this year. This was enough to beat the stalwarts on the list, such as the Toyota RAV-4 and Corolla, which lost to Model Y last year.

In China, the base version of Tesla Model Y starts at 263,900 yuan, while the Long Range and Performance versions are priced at 313,900 yuan and 363,900 yuan respectively.

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