Tesla launches additional discounts in Germany, can comprehensive subsidies reach up to 30% of the car price?

Tesla offers more discounts in Germany, can subsidies cover up to 30% of the car cost?

【PhoneAuto News】The price changes of Tesla’s models have always been a concern for consumers, and of course other car companies are also very concerned. A sudden large price cut by Tesla may cause significant changes in the new energy vehicle market.

Recently, according to PhoneAuto, Tesla officially launched additional discounts in Germany, targeting German corporate customers. It is reported that the company spokesperson stated via email on Monday local time that the company is now offering an additional discount of 2,250 euros (approximately RMB 17,017) for fleet buyers. This incentive will apply to all immediate orders of Model 3 and Model Y delivered before the end of August. Including government subsidies, the current total tax refund can reach 9,750 euros (approximately RMB 73,740), which is 30% of the selling price of Model 3 and 25% of Model Y, respectively.


According to relevant institutions, the sales of pure electric vehicles in the German market in April were 29,740 units, a year-on-year increase of 34.1%, of which Tesla delivered 2,420 units. From January to April, Tesla delivered a total of 23,075 units, a year-on-year increase of 53.2%.

In other markets, Tesla’s official website in China shows that the prices of all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models have increased by RMB 2,000. After the price increase, the selling price of Tesla Model 3 increased to RMB 231,900 and the selling price of Model Y increased to RMB 263,900.

In addition, according to Tesla’s official website in the United States, the price of Model 3 has increased to $40,240, and the price of the high-performance version has increased to $53,240. The price of Model Y in the United States has increased to $47,240.

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