Tesla Shanghai Factory Employees’ Performance Surges in the Second Quarter, Increasing from 12 times to 15 times

Tesla Shanghai Factory employees' performance surged in the second quarter, increasing from 12 times to 15 times

【Phoneauto News】Tesla’s performance at the Shanghai Gigafactory has been outstanding recently. According to Phoneauto, the performance bonuses for its employees have also increased significantly, with the performance index rising from 1.2 times to 1.5 times.

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According to foreign media reports, several employees at the Tesla Shanghai factory have stated that they have received a substantial increase in performance bonuses for the second quarter. Three of them revealed that their bonuses for the second quarter were 1.5 times their monthly basic salary, higher than the quarterly bonuses (1.2 times monthly salary) that most employees have received in the past due to average performance. These employees also mentioned that the performance bonuses of some of their colleagues have also increased to 1.5 times. One employee also mentioned that his performance bonus for this month has doubled compared to the first quarter when it was reduced to 0.785 times his monthly salary.

Currently, the Shanghai Gigafactory is mainly responsible for the production of Model 3 and Model Y, and it is one of Tesla’s most important production bases. The factory has approximately 20,000 employees, and it is not known how many employees have seen an increase in their performance bonuses this time.

Employees have expressed their warm welcome to Tesla’s move. However, they are not clear about the reasons for the increase in bonuses and have not been informed whether it is related to previous complaints. In April this year, several employees at the Tesla Shanghai factory complained on social media about the reduction in bonuses, which caused dissatisfaction among the factory employees. In response, Musk stated that an investigation would be conducted. Recently, Musk visited the factory and thanked the employees for overcoming difficulties and challenges, saying they have “performed outstandingly.”

Looking at Tesla’s production and delivery report, in the second quarter of this year, the total production of Tesla electric vehicles was 479,700 units, an increase of approximately 86% compared to the same period last year; the total delivery volume was 466,140 units, an increase of approximately 83% compared to the same period last year, setting a new record for single-quarter deliveries for the company.

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