Tesla starts selling Model Y in Malaysia at a starting price 50,000 yuan more expensive than in China

Tesla starts selling the Model Y in Malaysia, priced 50,000 yuan higher than in China

【phoneauto News】On July 17th, phoneauto learned that Tesla officially started selling the Model Y in Malaysia. According to Tesla’s official website, the starting price for the Tesla Model Y in the Malaysian market is 199,000 ringgit (approximately 314,000 yuan), which is 19% more expensive than the domestic market, about 50,000 yuan (the starting price for the Model Y in the Chinese market is 2.639 million yuan). It is reported that the first batch of vehicles is expected to be delivered in early 2024.

Specifically, the prices of different versions of the Tesla Model Y in the Malaysian market are as follows: The rear-wheel drive version of the Model Y is priced at 199,000 ringgit (approximately 314,000 yuan); the long-range version of the Model Y is priced at 246,000 ringgit (approximately 389,000 yuan); the performance version of the Model Y is priced at 288,000 ringgit (approximately 455,000 yuan).

It is worth mentioning that in early July, Tesla CEO Musk had a phone conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to discuss further investment by Tesla in Malaysia, including the establishment of offices, stores, service centers, and supercharging networks in Malaysia.

According to the plan, by 2030, hybrid and electric vehicle sales will account for 15% of the Malaysian market. To accelerate the achievement of this goal, Malaysia will implement tax reduction policies for foreign electric vehicle manufacturers and introduce corresponding incentives for local consumers to purchase electric vehicles.

In terms of electric vehicle infrastructure construction, Malaysia will build 10,000 public charging stations nationwide by 2025. It is reported that the Malaysian authorities will provide relevant tax incentives for companies interested in building electric vehicle infrastructure in the country.

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