Tesla has been sued again It is accused of infringing on a company’s electric vehicle charging patent

Tesla sued again for alleged electric vehicle charging patent infringement

【Phoneauto News】As one of the leaders in the global new energy vehicle industry, Tesla has made significant investments in the field of new energy. Its construction of a supercharging system has also been chosen by an increasing number of car companies. However, recent news reveals that Tesla is facing a lawsuit from other companies regarding its charging network.

Last week, Tesla encountered a new lawsuit, accusing its charging stations and automatic control software of infringing on Graphite Charging’s innovative electric vehicle patents. According to the lawsuit filed on August 4th in the Western District Court of Texas, Tesla’s charging network, consisting of approximately 20,000 “supercharging stations,” is alleged to be infringing. This network is one of the most widely covered electric vehicle charging networks in the United States and has become a trend in becoming a universal standard for electric vehicle charging. Graphite Charging claims that Tesla has used the same technology developed by their company to detect charging interruptions and that Tesla’s technology for adjusting computing device power consumption based on environmental conditions such as weather or energy prices also infringes on their patents.

This is not the first time Tesla has been involved in a patent dispute. As early as 2018, Nikola, a fellow new electric vehicle manufacturer, sued Tesla, claiming that Tesla’s Semi electric truck design plagiarized their previous model and demanded compensation of up to $2 billion. However, Tesla countersued Nikola, claiming that the design alleged to infringe on their patents first appeared in the conceptual designs of Tesla designers. Following internal turmoil within Nikola, they withdrew their lawsuit against Tesla, and Tesla also decided to withdraw their countersuit simultaneously.

Just recently, in the middle of this month, there was news that Tesla filed a lawsuit against Australian company Cap-XX in a federal court in Texas, claiming that its supercapacitors used for energy storage in electric vehicle batteries infringed on two US patents owned by a Tesla subsidiary. The company stated that this legal action is a response to Cap-XX’s initial patent infringement lawsuit against Tesla subsidiary Maxwell in 2019.

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