BYD Tang EV is launched in Costa Rica, equipped with a 1088kWh blade battery

The BYD Tang EV launched in Costa Rica with a 1088kWh blade battery

【phoneauto News】In recent years, BYD Auto has actively expanded overseas and accelerated its layout in foreign markets. On August 9th, phoneauto learned from BYD official that the Tang EV was launched in Costa Rica. It is reported that more than 100 local entrepreneurs, government officials, and mainstream media participated in the new car launch event with the theme of “Looking to the Future New Look” (Una Nueva Mirada al Futuro).


The BYD Tang EV is a 7-seater luxury all-electric SUV, equipped with advanced Nappa leather seats and the largest adaptive rotating screen among BYD SUV models – 15.6 inches. Through the BYD DiLink intelligent network connection system, users can easily operate various functions of the car. It has 31-color interactive intelligent cabin ambient lighting. The power output is up to 510 horsepower, with an acceleration of only 4.4 seconds per hundred kilometers and a CLTC comprehensive operating condition range of 635 kilometers. It is equipped with a 108.8 kWh ultra-safe blade battery.

It is worth mentioning that at this launch event, Li Nan, Deputy General Manager of BYD America Sales Division, said, “As the world’s first manufacturer to stop producing fuel-powered vehicles, BYD has been the champion of China’s new energy vehicle sales for 10 consecutive years. Currently, BYD’s global cumulative sales of new energy vehicles exceed 4.8 million units. We believe that with its outstanding performance and intelligent system, the Tang EV will once again lead the wave of local new energy electric technology and bring a comfortable and environmentally friendly green travel experience to local consumers.”

According to official information, BYD sold a total of 18,169 new energy passenger vehicles overseas in July, surpassing the previous high point of 15,002 units in February, with a month-on-month growth rate of 72.45% and a year-on-year growth rate of 351.29%.

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