The Changan Deep Blue S7 will be launched on June 25th with a comprehensive cruising range of 1120 kilometers

The Changan Deep Blue S7 launches on June 25th with a 1120km range

【PhoneAuto News】Previously, the first SUV model under Changan’s sub-brand, Shenlan, the Shenlan S7, was officially launched. On June 21st, PhoneAuto learned from Shenlan’s official website that the Shenlan S7 will be officially launched on June 25th, offering both pure electric and extended range power systems. The car has already begun pre-orders, with a pre-sale price range of 169,900 to 239,900 yuan.

Changan Shenlan S7

The Shenlan S7 has a styling similar to the Shenlan SL03, with a large enclosed front panel and “petal-shaped” LED headlight group, and a sleek overall profile. At the same time, the new car also features aerodynamic channels on both sides and LED high and low beam lighting. On the side, the car has a smooth waistline and uses borderless doors with hidden handles, creating a sporty atmosphere. At the rear, the car uses a through-type taillight design, with a highly recognizable taillight on both sides.

Changan Shenlan S7

In terms of interior, the Shenlan S7’s interior design conforms to the current trend of new energy vehicles, with a simple overall layout that greatly simplifies the use of physical buttons inside the car. The most prominent feature is a 15.6-inch central control screen, and the air conditioning vents are also designed to be hidden. In addition, the car’s seats are wrapped in leather and have a wide range of adjustment functions, bringing a comfortable driving experience to users. In terms of body size, the Shenlan S7 is 4750mm long, 1930mm wide, 1625mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2900mm.

Changan Deep Blue S7 Interior

In terms of power, the Deep Blue S7 offers two power versions for consumers to choose from: an extended-range version and a pure electric version. Depending on the version, the pure electric version CLTC condition range is 520km or 620km, with a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.7 seconds. The official published minimum power consumption of the pure electric version is 14.2kWh/100km (CLTC). The extended-range version has a pure electric range of 200km (CLTC condition), with a total range of up to 1120km. The official published minimum comprehensive fuel consumption of the extended-range version is 0.63L/100km (CLTC). In addition, the extended-range version uses CTP non-module battery technology, which brings a lighter body, improves battery energy density, and further improves the range.

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