The Chang’an Yida Enjoy Edition is officially launched! The price is amazing, only selling for 77,900 yuan

The Chang'an Yida Enjoy Edition is now available for an amazing price of 77,900 yuan!

【Phoneauto News】On August 8th, the Changan Yidachang Custom Edition was officially launched, with a price of 83,900 yuan. Purchases made before August 31st can enjoy a 6,000 yuan discount, and the price is only 77,900 yuan. At the same time, the official announcement also stated that for loan purchases of other Yidachang models, a down payment of 40,000 to 80,000 yuan can enjoy a 36-month low interest rate; for trade-in purchases, there is a maximum trade-in subsidy of up to 4,000 yuan. After the new car is launched, Changan Yidachang will offer a total of 5 models, with an official guide price range of 77,900 to 107,900 yuan.

This new car mainly adjusts the configuration to further enrich consumers’ choices.

In terms of exterior design, the Changan Yidachang Custom Edition adopts Changan’s latest family design language. The front face features a borderless air intake grille, paired with flat headlights and brake ventilation openings, giving it a certain sporty feel. At the same time, the new car is equipped with hidden door handles, multi-spoke sporty wheels, and dual exhaust pipes, further enhancing the sporty feel. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the Changan Yidachang are 4770/1840/1440mm, with a wheelbase of 2765mm.

In terms of configuration, the Changan Yidachang Custom Edition is equipped with a 10.25-inch floating LCD instrument cluster and a 13.2-inch central control screen. The air conditioning vents feature a popular through-style design, and it is equipped with a steering wheel and a yacht-style gear lever with the latest family-style design.

In terms of power, the Changan Yidachang Custom Edition is still equipped with the Blue Whale’s new NE 1.5T engine, with a maximum power of 125kW and a peak torque of 260N·m. In terms of transmission, the new car is matched with the Blue Whale’s new 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. The WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption under working conditions is 5.99L/100km, and the maximum speed can reach 200km/h. In terms of chassis, the new car adopts front MacPherson independent suspension and rear torsion beam non-independent suspension.

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