Due to worker health concerns, the European Union may ban chromium plating on new cars starting from 2024

The European Union may ban chromium plating on new cars from 2024 due to worker health concerns

【Phoneauto News】Many people may have seen various chrome decorations on luxury cars, and the previous promotions have also established the impression that “chrome equals luxury”. However, in the future, we may no longer see this decoration in the European automotive market after 2024, as a recent European Union (EU) proposal has banned this practice.

According to foreign media reports, the EU has proposed a new bill recently, deciding to ban the use of chrome plating in vehicle production starting from 2024. Studies have shown that the toxicity of air pollutants generated during the electroplating process is 500 times higher than diesel, and it may cause serious health problems. Hexavalent chromium, which is involved in the production process, is considered carcinogenic and a source of lung cancer. The substances that can neutralize these emissions are chemical smoke suppressants, which also contain perfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which are highly toxic. Therefore, for health reasons, the EU has decided to ban the use of chrome plating on vehicles.

This ban will be implemented throughout Europe in 2024. Therefore, when car manufacturers have to give up chrome plating, they have come up with other solutions to solve the problem of vehicle exterior design. Some brands have already abandoned the use of silver materials and have chosen other alternatives. For example, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have already started doing this. They have started removing chrome elements on new cars and using dark decorations to replace the previous shiny decorations. However, one thing to note is that chrome plating can not only be used for decoration but also has a certain anti-rust function. This is also a problem that car manufacturers need to solve after chrome plating is banned.

Not only in the European Union, but the state of California in the United States has also proposed similar measures. The state plans to ban chrome plating on vehicles starting in 2039, which is 15 years after the ban takes effect in Europe. In addition to automobile manufacturers, this decision will also affect chromium suppliers in the automotive industry. They will have to either transform their businesses or seek supply contracts in other regions.

Gilles Vidal, the current chief designer of Peugeot and Renault, also hopes to explore alternative pollution-free solutions: “It’s time for us to make a slight change in the game and open up our new thinking!” In fact, automobile manufacturers have been searching for alternative solutions for car bodies and interiors, but the implementation of new solutions is bound to increase costs.

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