Kia’s first pure electric car in China, the EV6, will be available for blind ordering on the 28th and officially launched in August

The EV6, Kia's first pure electric car in China, can be pre-ordered on the 28th and will launch in August

【PhoneAuto News】On the afternoon of June 21st, Kia Motors officially announced that its first pure electric vehicle model EV6 will begin blind booking in China on June 28th, bringing generous blind booking benefits, and will be officially launched in China as an imported car form in August. As a model that has already been launched overseas, the EV6 has been favored and recognized by many consumers and has won many industry authoritative awards, becoming a star model of Kia.

According to the introduction, EV6 GT is Kia China’s first pure electric vehicle model to enter the high-end and performance subdivision market, positioning as a “high-energy pure electric sports sedan”. It adopts Kia’s new “Opposites United” design concept, which combines contrasting shapes, structures, and colors to create a future electric vehicle design style. In order to highlight its high-performance positioning, EV6 GT adopts a design that shows a sense of movement in many parts of the body, such as exclusive 21-inch dynamic wheels, fluorescent brake calipers, and rear diffuser devices.

The interior of EV6 GT uses a large amount of recyclable materials, flaxseed extracts, and other diverse environmentally friendly materials, making the car interior full of green and healthy elements. At the same time, thanks to the dedicated E-GMP platform for Kia electric vehicles, the wheelbase of the EV6 GT reaches 2900mm, bringing comfortable and spacious seating space for passengers inside the car.

In terms of performance, EV6 GT is equipped with dual motors with greatly improved performance, with a comprehensive output torque of 740N·m, a maximum motor speed of 21000 rpm, and a maximum speed of 260 km/h. At the same time, with the ECS electronic control suspension and E-LSD electronic limited-slip differential, the EV6 GT not only has a stable driving quality, but also has agile handling performance, bringing a driving experience far beyond the same level. In addition, the EV6 GT also supports an 800V fast charging system, and it only takes 18 minutes to charge from 10% to 80% of its battery capacity.

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