Guangqi AI Big Model Platform debuts The Haobo GT will be the first model to be equipped with it

The Guangqi AI Big Model Platform debuts, with the Haobo GT as its first equipped model

【phoneauto News】On August 8th, GAC officially launched its latest research and development achievement in AI big model technology—the GAC AI Big Model Platform. It is reported that this platform is the first of its kind in the automotive industry and will be installed in the upcoming high-end intelligent coupe, Haobo GT.

According to phoneauto, the GAC AI Big Model Platform integrates various AI big models and deeply integrates with GAC’s intelligent network connectivity underlying capabilities. It not only has the ability to call general big models but also can build dedicated models based on intelligent automotive application scenarios, achieving a leap in full-scenario intelligent experience.

In addition, the GAC AI Big Model Platform is based on massive vehicle and R&D datasets, aggregating structured data into the AI middleware. It trains various specific scenario models through the middleware. The platform can flexibly call multiple models according to application needs, thereby obtaining optimal inference results and enabling precise and efficient operation of application services.

In addition to the intelligent vehicle itself, the GAC AI Big Model Platform will also bring upgrades to the intelligent network connectivity full chain. The application of big model platform in the forward development field will promote the efficiency of software development, virtual validation, simulation testing, and accelerate the iteration and upgrade of intelligent vehicles. In the digital field, big models will enhance the mining capability and efficiency of multimodal data, combine massive data and numerous cases to provide intelligent diagnosis and health prediction capabilities for intelligent vehicles, and establish a full-life-cycle health expert system.

Currently, the GAC AI Big Model Platform will be installed in the upcoming high-end intelligent coupe, Haobo GT, where consumers will be the first to experience the platform’s intelligent voice interaction capabilities. More capabilities will be revealed in the near future.

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