What signals did the Huawei P60 series releasing a maximum discount of 1000 yuan in two months send?

The Huawei P60 series had a discount of up to 1000 yuan within two months, what does this indicate?

【PhoneAuto】As we enter the end of May, the 618 sales promotion on major e-commerce platforms has begun. Smartphone manufacturers have long been preparing for such a festival, especially in the face of the continuous decline in sales in the first quarter. This year’s 618 has become a lifesaver for smartphone manufacturers to boost sales. “Grab, grab, grab” is the six-character motto for everyone this year.

Over the past three years, other manufacturers have been hotly promoting activities like 618 and Double 11, but for Huawei smartphones, it has been a “not so much” situation. We cannot see related battle reports, nor can we see very attractive discounts. Relatively speaking, being able to buy a Huawei flagship phone is already pretty good. However, Huawei seems to be somewhat different this year. At the beginning of 618, Huawei released a heavy blow – the P60 series is on sale at a discount of up to 1000 yuan. It should be noted that the P60 series was only released on March 23, and it has only been on the market for two months. Such a large discount is unprecedented, and it has become the hottest thing in the digital circle these days.

For users who are waiting to buy, the P60 series’ discount is undoubtedly the best time to buy. The discount of up to 1000 yuan is hard to resist. For early adopters, there is some regret that the price drops immediately after purchase, which is not pleasant for anyone. Today, we hope to discuss the signal behind the P60 series’ price reduction, which may provide some reference for everyone’s new phone purchases in the second half of the year.

Regarding this price adjustment, the policy for Huawei P60 is a 100 yuan discount, with a starting price of 4388 yuan. The discount is not significant, but it also shows Huawei’s emphasis on this year’s 618. The policy for Huawei P60 Pro is a discount of 800 yuan for the 8GB+256GB version, with a price of 6188 yuan. The 12GB+512GB version is discounted by 700 yuan to 7288 yuan, and a new 12GB+256GB version is also available for 6488 yuan. The policy for Huawei P60 Art is a discount of 1000 yuan, with a starting price of 7988 yuan. It is also the most discounted product in the P60 series.

At the time of the release of the P60 series, both the Huawei P60 and Pro versions only had 8GB of optional memory for the 256GB version, which was criticized by many people at the time. The addition of the 12GB version can be understood as two things. Firstly, Huawei’s memory problem has been solved, providing more options for product design. Secondly, after solving the memory problem, the Mate60 series to be released in the second half of the year should be equipped with 12GB of memory across the board, and the 8GB version may no longer exist. At the same time, is it possible that the Mate50 series released last year will also make corresponding upgrades to boost sales?

The P60 Art product plays a role in raising the positioning of the P series. In the eyes of the outside world, or in the eyes of Huawei internally, it is supposed to play the role of Porsche design for the Mate series. Although the P60 Art did not do any joint ventures, it can be seen that Huawei has put a lot of effort into the design and made a significant difference from the Pro version. The price has also exceeded 10,000 yuan. Although the price is expensive, it is still sought after by many consumers. With this price adjustment, the top version of the P60 Art is also priced at less than 10,000 yuan, which can be regarded as releasing a positive signal to the market. It is very likely that the P60 Art will account for a considerable proportion of shipments in this year’s 618 (shopping festival), and it is worth looking forward to.

As a sharp weapon of Huawei in the high-end market, the Huawei P series has been recognized by consumers worldwide for its outstanding design and excellent imaging capabilities, which is beyond doubt. From Leica imaging to multi-camera and computational optics, Huawei innovates from multiple perspectives such as optics, mechanics, and electronics, bringing mobile imaging capabilities to a new level. Moreover, with the P series and Mate series, Huawei has the strength to compete with Apple and Samsung in the high-end market, becoming one of the few domestic brands that have outstanding performance in the high-end market.

In the first quarter of 2023, despite the overall downward trend in the smartphone market, Huawei still maintained a good growth trend, with shipments and market share gradually recovering. In the first quarter, it grew against the trend by 41% in the domestic market, which once again gave the market a shot in the arm. Behind the market recovery is actually the gradual normalization of Huawei’s product update rhythm, from two flagship models a year to one and then to two this year, Huawei has also ushered in its “smile curve”, and 2023 is the year when Huawei’s mobile phones will once again establish high-end standards.

Therefore, the Mate60 series products in the second half of the year have become the key. In addition to the processor, which Huawei cannot choose, silicon-carbon negative electrode batteries, super-focus night vision, bidirectional Beidou satellite messages, 88W super-fast charging, and Kunlun glass should become its highlights. And at the system level, the first launch of HarmonyOS 4 on the Mate60 series is basically a done deal, which will further enhance the product strength of the entire phone. Of course, relying on Huawei’s profound technical reserves, in addition to the foreseeable functions mentioned above, there will inevitably be some black technology that has not been displayed temporarily, which is worth looking forward to.

The price reduction of the Huawei P60 series during this year’s 618 promotion caught many people off guard. Those who bought it regretted buying it too early, while those who were prepared to buy it finally got the chance, and from the market feedback since its launch, the P60 series has demonstrated strong competitiveness in image processing, although it does not use the top hardware, it still leads the trend in mobile photography through Huawei’s XMAGE imaging technology. Through this round of price reduction, we can see that Huawei has a greater space to return to the competition in the smartphone market. While running forward in the high-end market, it has once again opened up the acceleration mode through price adjustment, intending to leave its competitors behind. Although it may seem like wishful thinking to many people, it is difficult not to be inspired by the already launched P60 series and Mate X3.

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