Global debut of the Tian Gong cooling system The OnePlus Ace2 Pro will be released in August

The OnePlus Ace2 Pro with the global debut of the Tian Gong cooling system will be released in August

【Phoneauto News】On July 27th, OnePlus comprehensively expounded its performance technology strategy for the future at ChinaJoy 2023, and announced the leading-edge technology – the world’s first aerospace-grade “Heavenly Craft Heat Dissipation System”. This technology will be first launched on the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro, which will be released in August.

Liu Fengshuo, the President of OnePlus Product Line, stated: “In the future, the competition in the performance field will no longer be limited to shallow aspects such as specifications and prices. Only by making advanced layouts and explorations in core technologies can we achieve an ultimate smooth performance experience and lead the next generation of mobile devices. Therefore, OnePlus will continue to spare no effort in continuous investment in performance technology, and strive to become a leader in the performance field.”

In the first half of this year, OnePlus focused on the performance field and successively released three products: OnePlus 11, OnePlus Ace 2, and OnePlus Ace 2V. With a triple-digit growth rate, OnePlus has become the fastest-growing brand in the Chinese smartphone market in the first half of the year. Especially in terms of performance, all three OnePlus products have demonstrated outstanding competitiveness. They have dominated the top rankings in three major platforms’ benchmark scores and have performed remarkably well in various dimensions such as application startup, application retention, long-term use experience, touch experience, game frame rate, and game graphics quality.

The excellent results are inseparable from OnePlus’ precise insight into user needs and its deep cultivation in performance technology. OnePlus focuses on the two most frequent scenarios in user usage: “daily use” and “intensive gaming”. Starting from various aspects of user usage, OnePlus provides six major experiences: “fast, power-saving, long-lasting, smooth, stable, and clear”. In order to achieve this goal, OnePlus integrates six technologies: “memory gene recombination”, “micro-architecture supercomputing engine”, “refreshed storage technology”, “intuitive touch”, “HyperBoost game frame stabilization engine”, and “superframe and supergraphics engine”. With years of deep cultivation in the hardware field, OnePlus has formed the targeted “Smooth Triangle” and “Game Triangle” to meet user needs.

OnePlus has made a complete layout in terms of scenes, experiences, software, hardware, and underlying technology. Among them, the layout of root technology fields such as semiconductors, operating systems, edge computing, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence is the foundation of the entire performance technology strategy. Based on this, OnePlus focuses on the “Smooth Triangle” and “Gaming Triangle” as the core, integrating various sub-technologies in the hardware and software fields, and is committed to creating a smooth, economical, long-lasting, smooth, stable, and clear ultimate experience for users in daily use and heavy gaming scenarios. This is the core strategic framework that OnePlus has accumulated through years of exploration and thinking, and will guide OnePlus’ technological investment direction for a considerable period of time in the future.

In order to support the implementation of the performance technology strategy, OnePlus has now formed a “Trinity” performance technology research and development system, jointly creating industry-leading performance technology through independent research and development, joint research and development with industry partners, and deep cooperation with universities. OnePlus has 6 global research institutes, 5 research and development centers, and 15 joint research laboratories, with more than 1,000 top performance technology engineers worldwide, and a total of over 38,900 global patents. OnePlus has also conducted long-term in-depth joint research and development with industry partners such as Google, Samsung, and Qualcomm to jointly create industry-leading performance technology. In addition, OnePlus has established deep cooperation with 19 top universities in the country and numerous top scholars. There are currently more than 40 ongoing performance special research projects. These incubating projects will give birth to more application-oriented technologies like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, making OnePlus’ performance technology cluster increasingly powerful.

Extreme heat dissipation ensures optimal performance release. OnePlus has continuously pushed for the iteration of heat dissipation technology in the industry, leading the development of mobile phone heat dissipation experience. Today, OnePlus officially releases the industry’s first aerospace-grade three-dimensional heat dissipation system – the Tian Gong Heat Dissipation System, which takes mobile phone heat dissipation into the three-dimensional realm consisting of heat dissipation area, heat dissipation materials, and spatial structure, leading the industry into the next era of mobile phone heat dissipation.

The OnePlus Tian Gong Heat Dissipation VC has an ultra-large area of up to 9140 mm, making it not only the largest heat dissipation VC in terms of area at present, but also the only one in the industry with a heat dissipation VC in the ten-thousand level. In terms of heat dissipation material selection, OnePlus has chosen the globally first aerospace-grade diamond thermal conductive gel and aerospace-grade superconducting graphite, which are currently the strongest thermal conductive gel and graphite in the industry and the most advanced and efficient aerospace-grade heat dissipation materials. Compared with previous industry thermal conductive materials, the thermal conductivity of the two has been increased by 60% and 41% respectively.

Based on the ultra-large ten-thousand level VC and the globally first aerospace-grade heat dissipation materials, after years of exploration, OnePlus’ research and development team has taken heat dissipation structure as a new breakthrough point to significantly improve the heat dissipation capability of mobile phones, ultimately bringing the world’s first aerospace-grade spatial heat dissipation structure. As the most advanced spatial heat dissipation structure in the industry, the Tian Gong Heat Dissipation System adopts the globally first “integrated dual-cycle heat dissipation system” and the “Laval nozzle design imitating the aerospace rocket engine” design.

The integrated dual circulation cooling system achieves two complete cooling cycles within a single VC through unique spatial structure innovation. It truly combines the two cooling cycles into one, resulting in a thinner design with stronger cooling capacity, enabling lossless heat conduction. At the same time, OnePlus draws inspiration from rocket engine nozzle design and introduces the Laval airway design, greatly enhancing the gas flow speed inside the VC and providing tremendous power for the cooling cycle. OnePlus also utilizes the Laval airway to accelerate the circulation within both cycles, maximizing the value of the dual circulation cooling.

The dual circulation cooling system and Laval airway make the Tian Gong cooling system possess aerospace-level cooling efficiency, with heat conduction capacity four times that of traditional industry VC. Liu Fengshuo said, “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Tian Gong cooling system is currently the strongest cooling system in the industry.”

As a milestone in OnePlus leading the industry towards three-dimensional cooling, the Tian Gong cooling system enables the release of mobile performance to reach new heights. It serves as the foundation for OnePlus to unleash ultimate performance in the future, making more functional applications and new performance experiences possible. OnePlus also officially announced that the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will be the world’s first to be equipped with the Tian Gong cooling system. This new product will be officially released in August, breaking through industry limits in multiple performance experiences.

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