618 Upgrade! The reason for the hot sales of Huawei Nova 11 series has been found

The reason for hot sales of Huawei Nova 11 series found - 618 Upgrade!

【PhoneAuto News】During the recent May Day holiday, “Special Forces-style tourism” has become a new way of travel for many young people. This short-duration, multi-scenic spot, high-intensity way of tourism has become the first choice for many college students and young office workers. As a key factor of “Special Forces-style tourism”, it is necessary to check in as many scenic spots as possible, which also puts certain requirements on the equipment in hand. A smartphone with excellent camera quality can record more beautiful memories for traveling. The Huawei nova11 series is such a weapon suitable for preserving memories.

Huawei nova11 series

As a “Super-Sense All-Purpose Portrait Smartphone”, the Huawei nova11 series is not just talk in terms of its performance in imaging. It has a certain hard strength. Unlike other manufacturers’ standard versions that like to castrate the parameters of the rear main camera, the entire Huawei nova11 series is equipped with a standard 50 million pixel super-sensing lens, and is supplemented by an 8 million pixel ultra-wide-angle macro lens. Thanks to the XD Portrait engine installed in the new machine, the nova11 and nova11 Pro can still show brightly lit portraits in dark light portraits, and can create a good sense of space by blurring the background, making the portrait effects more prominent. The new machine also provides a fast capture mode, which can perfectly capture dynamic moments through laser focusing and QPD full-pixel precise focusing, coupled with zero-delay shutter technology. Every shot is a blockbuster with a large sense of quality.

Huawei nova11 Ultra night scene portrait performance

In addition to the excellent main camera, the ultra-long focal length macro camera is also very playable. The lens supports a maximum of 112° ultra-wide-angle and a closest distance of 2 cm macro photography. I believe that whether it is a macro view or a micro world, it can bring you a different shocking visual experience. On the nova11 Ultra, on the basis of retaining the characteristics of the Pro version, its main camera aperture has been upgraded to an intelligent variable aperture, which supports ten levels of adjustment. Compared with the other two versions, this variable aperture can intelligently adjust the depth of field range and light intake. On the one hand, the F1.4 ultra-large physical aperture can make the main character more shining. On the other hand, the F4.0 small aperture can make everyone in the group photo a main character.

Huawei nova11 Ultra portrait performance

As for the front camera, the nova11 uses a 60 million pixel 4K ultra-wide-angle portrait lens, which supports 4K video shooting. The nova11 Pro and nova11 Ultra also have an 8 million pixel portrait lens that supports 0.7×~5× full focal length zoom, making the selfie effect more outstanding and delicate.

Huawei nova11 series selfie

Starting from Huawei nova7, every new generation of Huawei nova series will use intergenerational colors as the main color. The 11th color, which is the main color of the nova11, is also called “Out of the Mirror Green”, which looks particularly pleasing to the eye. This unique color not only makes the phone more vibrant, but also symbolizes the spirit of young people who dare to pursue themselves independently. Once launched, it has won the love of many young users. The 11th color and the deep space black version of the nova11 Pro and nova11 Ultra also use the industry’s first raw skin embossing process, which has a strong sense of design and allows the phone to blend well with fashion.

Huawei nova11 series 11th color

In addition to the high appearance of the phone’s back, the front screen is also very well designed. The nova11 uses a color screen with a 93.4% ultra-high screen ratio, and supports 120Hz intelligent high refresh rate and 1440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. The Pro and Ultra versions use a 6.78-inch color surround screen, and the curved shape brings a more stunning visual experience. In addition, the entire nova11 series is equipped with Kunpeng glass, which is the only model in the same category of phones equipped with anti-fall glass, making it very durable against drops.

Huawei nova11 Ultra front view

Since its debut on the Mate50 series, the Beidou satellite messaging technology has gained a lot of attention. Huawei has also applied this technology to the nova series for the first time. However, unlike before, the functionality that is installed on the nova11 Ultra has been upgraded to support bidirectional Beidou satellite messaging. This technology can still send messages to the outside world even when there is no ground network signal, and it further supports message replies, achieving bidirectional communication between the requester and the responder. It can save your life in critical moments.

Many people are also concerned about the battery life and charging of the nova11 series. The nova11 Pro and nova11 Ultra use the 100W Huawei Super Fast Charge Turbo 2.0. When charging the phone while the screen is off, it can charge up to 60% in 10 minutes and fully charge in 20 minutes. Even with the screen on, the phone can be charged to 50% in 15 minutes, effectively saying goodbye to battery anxiety. Even if the battery runs low due to prolonged use, there is no need to panic, as both models have also launched an emergency mode, which can be intelligently activated when the battery is below 2%, and can be used for 20 minutes of phone calls, 8 scans of QR codes, 23 flashes of the light, or 4 hours of standby time.

Huawei nova11 Ultra charging performance

Overall, the three models of the Huawei nova11 series each have their own characteristics and are suitable for young people with different needs. If you have a limited budget and prefer a straight screen, then the nova11 is a good choice. If you have higher requirements for fast charging and photography, then the nova11 Pro is worth recommending. And if you love outdoor exploration and recording, the nova11 Ultra equipped with bidirectional Beidou satellite messaging is definitely a reliable “life-saving tool” in emergency situations.

With the approaching of the 618 shopping festival, major e-commerce platforms and merchants will also start the 618 activity pre-sale. Huawei is also participating and will soon bring the annual “Huawei 618 Smart Enjoy One Summer” event. The Nova 11 series will also appear on the list of event products. Don’t miss it if you have a demand for it!

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