Why doesn’t the Samsung Z Fold5 have a built-in S Pen? Surprisingly, it’s for the consideration of the users

The Samsung Z Fold5 doesn't have a built-in S Pen for the users' consideration

【Phoneauto News】Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, the company has been trying to elegantly incorporate the S Pen into its foldable phones. Although Samsung simply inserted a stylus into the phone, there are still some things to consider. A Samsung executive explained why the Galaxy Z Fold5 does not have a built-in S Pen.

Samsung Z Fold5

On the evening of July 26th, Beijing time, Samsung officially released its new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold5. It brings some powerful specifications, hardware, and camera improvements, with a starting price of $1,799 (approximately RMB 12,800).

However, it does not have a built-in S Pen. Samsung has actually tried to incorporate the S Pen into the Z Fold5. Samsung showcased a large number of different phone prototypes it developed, one of which actually had a built-in S Pen, just like the S23 Ultra. It seemed natural to have an integrated S Pen.

Samsung Z Fold5

Although it is possible to do this, things are not that simple. Every small change will have a chain reaction, and putting the S Pen in the Z Fold will also have certain “consequences”. Samsung’s MX design director, Hubert Lee, explained why the company did not equip the phone with an S Pen.

He said, “There are many things to consider. You can’t just stick a pen in there. If you put the pen in, there will be other cost consequences.” Considering that the prices of tech products are rising every year, this is a credible explanation. The price of the Galaxy Z Fold series phones has always been $1,799, which is not easy under the current economic situation. Adding an S Pen would incur additional manufacturing costs. These costs are likely to be passed on to the users.

Although Samsung did not incorporate the S Pen into its foldable phones, the situation may change next year. We also do not rule out the possibility that other companies will surpass Samsung and equip their foldable phones with styluses.

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