New Tesla Model Y for overseas delivery! Equipped with BYD blade battery

The Tesla Model Y with BYD blade battery is available for overseas delivery

【PhoneAuto News】Tesla and BYD are rivals in the new energy vehicle industry, but they are also partners.

On May 22nd, it was reported that the Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive version equipped with BYD blade batteries has finally rolled off the production line at the Berlin super factory in Germany and has been delivered to users. This is the first time that the Tesla Berlin super factory has used Chinese batteries.

Currently, the long-range and performance versions of the Tesla Model Y sold in Europe are equipped with ternary lithium batteries, and only the rear-wheel drive version of the Model Y is equipped with BYD blade batteries. As for whether the domestically-produced Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive version will use BYD blade batteries, there is no news yet. In the future, this model should still be equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by CATL.

It is reported that the Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive version equipped with BYD blade batteries has a battery capacity of 55 kWh and a range of 440 kilometers, while the domestically-produced Model Y equipped with CATL batteries has a battery capacity of 60 kWh and a range of 455 kilometers.

The two battery performances are similar in terms of range, but the charging power is different. According to charging test data released by overseas users on forums, the battery was charged from 11% to 71% in 15 minutes for the first time, replenishing 273 kilometers of range. The second time, the battery was charged from 37% to 99% in 32 minutes. In addition, BYD blade batteries can be directly installed on the body, reducing weight and cost.

Overall, although the Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive version equipped with BYD blade batteries is slightly inferior to CATL’s lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of battery capacity and range, it also has its own advantages.

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