Three major reasons why car owners no longer buy Tesla before conducting an institutional investigation Elon Musk surprisingly ranks first

The top reason car owners no longer buy Tesla is Elon Musk's ranking in institutional investigations

【Phoneauto News】In 2019, Bloomberg conducted a survey on Tesla Model 3 owners to understand their usage of Tesla’s first mass-produced car. At that time, this electric car, which had only been on the market for two years, was selling well. Five years after the first batch of Model 3 deliveries, Bloomberg conducted a follow-up survey with the same users and managed to get 7,000 of them to answer the same questions. Among those who chose to give up the Tesla brand, the top three reasons were Elon Musk, Tesla service centers, and brand fanatics.


Musk is the CEO of Tesla and the soul figure of Tesla, as well as a controversial internet celebrity. He often makes controversial statements on social media, such as his attitude towards Bitcoin, his doubts about vaccines, and his provocations against regulatory agencies. These statements not only affect his personal reputation but also have a negative impact on Tesla. The survey showed that 21.5% of respondents said they would not buy Tesla cars again because they did not like Musk. However, many people also expressed their admiration for Musk, calling him a “genius, honest, practical, and wise” person.


Service centers are an important channel for Tesla to interact with customers and a key factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, Tesla’s service centers have some problems, such as insufficient quantity, low service quality, and efficiency. The survey showed that 18.7% of respondents said they would not buy Tesla again because of the problems with Tesla’s service centers.

Tesla Service Center

The third major reason that once Tesla customers stop is their dissatisfaction with Tesla’s marketing positioning. This is related to Musk, and also to those extreme fans who turn criticism of the company or its products (although they may be objective) into fear, doubt, and threats. Some people say that they would buy a Tesla because they like the car, but they would not join the “owner’s club” because being a Tesla fan has become a negative impression, which may explain why some owners no longer make comments on relevant owner forums.

In addition to the above three points, other reasons why former Tesla users give up the brand are “the price is too high” (13.1%), “Tesla does not offer the desired models” (10.3%), and “switched to a gasoline car for convenience” (7.5%). The number of people who no longer buy Tesla for other reasons also accounts for 11.2%. Although this survey is not universally representative, it is another opportunity to understand why customers are dissatisfied with the brand.

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