Zhang Zhang Wonderful The winners’ list of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Contest has been announced

The winners' list of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Contest has been announced

【Phoneauto News】On July 30th, the special event of vivo 2023 Image Festival was held in Xining. As the core platform of vivo’s image culture, the winners of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition (hereinafter referred to as the “competition”) were officially announced at the event. This competition, in collaboration with vivo’s global image strategic partner Zeiss, is based on the core concept of “everyone is a creator” and invites vivo phone users from around the world to submit their works in six categories: portrait, group, landscape, night scene, sports, and events. The competition invited five image masters and experts from different fields, including Bertram Hoenlinger, a Zeiss photography expert, Francesco Gola, the Zeiss mobile photography ambassador, Rong Rong, a photography artist and curator, Xiao Quan, a portrait photographer, and Yu Meng, the vice president of vivo’s imaging department, to select the winners. In the end, 21 groups of winning works stood out.

Among the winning works in the six categories, “Let Me Fly” created by Indonesian photographer Jiehan Herry Saputro won the Best Work of the Year in the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition. This series of works captures the image of a group of children growing up by the seaside, turning the ocean into their exclusive playground, and happily jumping into the sea from the boat. The creator used the vivo X70 Pro to capture the pure and warm smiles and graceful postures of the children. Their soaring bodies are filled with passionate emotions, evoking the beautiful memories of childhood in the hearts of every viewer.

Best Work of the Year: “Let Me Fly” by Jiehan Herry Saputro

The “portrait” category has won many emotionally powerful character portraits, where subtle eye expressions and facial expressions give the works a strong narrative, intuitively showcasing the expressive power hidden in images. The champion work of this category, “Life Written on the Face,” was captured by Indian photographer Pradiptamoy Paul using the vivo X80 5G. Through highly vivid close-ups of facial expressions, the focus of attention is directed towards a farmer.

“Portrait” submission unit champion work: Pradiptamoy Paul’s “Life Written on the Face”

The “Events” unit aims to accurately capture and restore current events, demonstrating the important significance of timely news documentary. The champion work of this unit, “Outside the Window,” uses the vivo S16 to quickly record the patients and nurses anxiously looking out of the window at the fire in the hospital corridor. The strong black and white contrast adds a wordless sense of tension to this moment.

“Events” submission unit champion work: He Chao’s “Outside the Window”

The “Series” unit is designed to present the long-term attention and story exploration that creators have poured into the chosen topics. Through a series of images, the champion work “Unrestrained Daughter” vividly captures the fragmented moments of the creator’s daughter freely exploring and playing, using the vivo X90 Pro+.

“Series” submission unit champion work: Zeng Shuqin’s “Unrestrained Daughter”

The “Scenery” unit has received numerous image works with regional characteristics. The champion work of this unit is “Blue Silk.” The waves of the South Pacific constantly crash against the coastline of Penida. The creator, He Jinyi, used the long-focus lens of the vivo X90 Pro+ to capture this incredibly silky scene in perfect lighting.

“Scenery” submission unit champion work: He Jinyi’s “Blue Silk”

The champion work of the “Night Scenery” unit, “A Photo of Me and the Arched Starry Sky,” was recorded on a mobile phone by the creators Wu Zhengjie and Namibia for one night.

Champion work of the “Night Scenery” submission unit: Wu Zhengjie’s “A Photo of Me and the Arched Starry Sky”

“Dream Play” created by Jiang Xinyuan successfully won the “Zeiss Professional Imaging Award”. Through the Zeiss optical lens of the vivo X90 Pro+, the creator recorded a touching scene of opera actors carefully dressing up to create distinctive characters in the dreamlike light and shadow.

Zeiss Professional Imaging Award work: Jiang Xinyuan’s “Dream Play”

The “Best Imaging Award for the X90 Series” was awarded to photographers Ma Chen and Wei Dong. “The Blue Ice Eyes” captured the natural blue ice cave hidden deep in the Tibetan glacier at an altitude of 4500 meters, which resembles an eye, with the support of the vivo X90 Pro+ panoramic mode. And “The Tension of Life” also used the vivo X90 Pro+ to capture the decisive moment of a person’s jump shot, with a large area of vibrant colors of the background buildings contrasting with the blue sky, creating a strong visual impact.

Best Imaging Award for the X90 Series work: Ma Chen’s “The Blue Ice Eyes”

Best Imaging Award for the X90 Series work: Wei Dong’s “The Tension of Life”

Vivo’s Vice President of Imaging, Yu Meng, congratulates and thanks all participants and award-winning photographers. He said, “Thanks to the collaboration of our partners and the support of our users along the way, vivo’s imaging has achieved fruitful results today. After three years of accumulation, we deeply understand that mobile imaging is not only a daily record and expression, but also has powerful humanistic and social values behind it. In order to bring a user-friendly professional imaging experience, vivo has always strived, bravely created, and focused on resilience. We look forward to walking together with more like-minded people in the future, with the concept of ‘Technology with Heart, Imaging from the Heart,’ allowing everyone to fully enjoy every wonderful moment of life with the help of mobile imaging.”

vivo Image Plus Exhibition Scene

With a focus on the development of mobile imaging technology and image creation, vivo held the vivo Image Plus Forum on July 28th. The forum invited Bertram Hoenlinger, a photography expert from Zeiss and one of the judges of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition, Wu Zhengjie, a landscape photographer and creator of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition, Zhang Boran, a well-known portrait photographer, image educator, and creator of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition, and Zhang Yan, an expert in vivo image product planning, as guests. They discussed the unlimited possibilities of the future development of mobile imaging together, focusing on the entries of the competition.

vivo Image Plus Theme Forum Scene

Starting from the perspective of mobile shooting technology and life, Bertram Hoenlinger proposed, “The best lens in today’s society is the one around you. Whether it’s professional equipment or convenient devices, everyone has the opportunity to become a creator and pay more attention to the world they see.” At the same time, Zhang Yan, an expert in vivo image product planning, said, “The number and quality of the works in this competition are even better than previous years. The submitted works especially focus on daily life, and with the help of constantly improving mobile shooting technology, the works depict increasingly complex and diverse life scenes.” In the future, vivo will continue to focus on the innovative research and development of humanized professional imaging, explore more possibilities for mobile image creation, and work with every creator to depict a new vision for the future of mobile imaging.

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