Hello! Toyota may produce a pickup truck based on the Corolla model It is expected to sell well

Toyota may produce a popular pickup truck based on the Corolla model

【Phoneauto News】According to reports, Toyota may be considering producing a pickup truck based on the Corolla to expand its product line. Although it may sound absurd to put “Corolla” and “pickup truck” in the same sentence, it actually makes sense considering the rapid growth of the compact truck market.

Given the popularity of Ford Maverick, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and the upcoming Ram Rampage in the compact truck market, it’s not surprising that Toyota wants to have its own small pickup truck. Especially since the Toyota Tacoma used to be the king of small practical trucks. It has since grown to a medium size.

Both the Maverick and Santa Cruz are based on their own small, flexible front-wheel drive platforms, rather than larger body-on-frame truck chassis. Therefore, Toyota will use the same platform as the Corolla and Corolla Cross. The Maverick can tow 4,000 pounds, the Santa Cruz can tow 5,000 pounds, but the Corolla Cross can only tow 1,500 pounds. Therefore, if Toyota wants to make a competitive truck, they will need to strengthen the chassis.

Corolla Cross Hybrid

The Corolla is produced in Mississippi, and the Corolla Cross is produced in Alabama, so if the pickup truck based on the Corolla eventually goes on sale, it should be produced in the United States.

If these reports are true, Toyota’s upcoming product expansion will not be limited to just the pickup truck based on the Corolla. It is said that there will also be a three-row electric SUV (to be sold alongside the gasoline-powered Grand Highlander), an electric alternative to the Camry, and a crossover vehicle based on the new Toyota Crown.

Compact pickup trucks are now very popular, and considering the popularity of the Tacoma, a versatile vehicle based on the Corolla could become a major hit for Toyota, even though it may sound strange.

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