The true self 618 has the highest direct discount of 800 yuan! Double new products + five major ace is coming on strong

True self 618 highest discount of 800 yuan! New products + five major ace coming

【PhoneAuto News】The annual 618 e-commerce festival is coming soon, and even the preheating will start on the evening of May 23. Mobile phone manufacturers are also taking action one after another, bringing out their own killer moves to welcome 618. The technology brand realme has brought a “double breakthrough”: the realme GT Neo5 series, with two explosive models, has been refreshed and released – the realme GT Neo5 SE “Holy White Phantom” surprise price starts at 2099 yuan; the realme GT Neo5 150W 16GB+1TB new version surprise price for 618 is 3099 yuan, and pre-sale will start at 8 pm tonight.

At the moment of the new product release, realme also officially announced its 618 policy, with five ace products coming in at great value, leading the 618 in advance and setting off a “no breakthrough, no carnival” craze among fans!

In this 618, responding to user demand for breakthrough performance, the realme GT Neo5 SE, which has been constantly selling well, teamed up with the hardcore new partner “Transformers” to bring a new color scheme – “Holy White Phantom” – and revive the phantom double stripes design to awaken the spirit of e-sports! Realme’s second-generation organic silicon leather is also first released, not only in flagship craftsmanship, but also in strong performance upgrades. It easily passes rigorous wear and tear tests of up to 200,000 times, setting a new benchmark for wear resistance, and is resistant to yellowing and dirt, making it long-lasting and not subject to discoloration, fearless of “running naked”, and having an extraordinary touch that you cannot put down.

Not only does the realme GT Neo5 SE “Holy White Phantom” have a comprehensive flagship texture, it also has higher-level breakthrough capabilities. Not only does it come with the second-generation Snapdragon 7+ flagship chip, but it also uses the industry’s first 100W+5500mAh giant-level battery combination, bidding farewell to battery anxiety. At the same time, more five-star e-sports experience and flagship configurations of the same model as the realme GT Neo5 are also downgraded, unlocking a flagship experience with no shortcomings for the realme GT Neo5 SE!

The realme GT Neo5 series, which has led the industry’s 1TB popularity storm, has now completed the last piece of the 1TB memory puzzle. The realme GT Neo5 150W officially unlocks the new version of 16GB+1TB. As a result, the entire realme GT Neo5 series comes standard with 1TB, and realme’s new products with 1TB cover the 2K-3K price range!

As the designated machine for the National Honor of Kings tournament, the outstanding gaming experience of the realme GT Neo5 has been widely recognized by professional players. Not only does it lead with the flagship performance of the Snapdragon 8 and dual-core flagship, but it also brings a five-star gaming experience with the large-scale heat dissipation device Ice Core Dual-Phase Change Heat Dissipation System Max and the only 144Hz 1.5K flagship straight screen in the same price range. Even playing large-scale mobile games can achieve no stuttering, no overheating, and no dropped frames! It is worth mentioning that with the support of the Sony IMX890 OIS flagship main camera, the imaging strength is also outstanding!

No level, no carnival. Realme joins forces with five major brands to take the lead in starting 618. First of all, as the “brand with the richest 1TB models in the industry,” realme GT Neo5 series and realme 11 Pro series join hands to create the first “1TB large storage mobile phone ace”; “3K-level super fast charging ace” realme GT Neo5 has a maximum discount of 300 yuan, and the 240W 16GB+1TB version is only 3199 yuan; “2K-level performance and endurance ace” realme GT Neo5 SE has a maximum discount of 300 yuan, and the 16GB+1TB version is only 2499 yuan; “2K-level texture and image ace” realme 11 Pro+ is the first in the industry with a new image of 200 million. It allows for more freedom in zooming and also brings a discount of as low as 1999 yuan. The pre-sale can enjoy 6 periods of interest-free installments! “Flagship earphone ace under 1000 yuan” realme Buds Air 5 Pro presents a comprehensive Pro experience in sound quality and noise reduction, and is available at a surprising price of 399 yuan for 618!

The Realme 618 will officially start pre-sales at 8 pm tonight. It will not only bring explosive value discounts but also provide full-price protection. If you buy it at a higher price, you can return it. In addition, there are daily benefits and thousands of coupons available.

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