Turning off the lights to play with your phone can seriously cause blindness The earlier the onset of the disease, the higher the likelihood

Turning off lights to use your phone may cause blindness, especially if the disease occurs earlier

【PhoneAuto News】Many people often play with their phones in the dark, but do you know the dangers involved?

Recently, #playing with phones in the dark can lead to blindness# and #stop playing with your phone in the dark# have become hot topics. As of the time of writing, the latter has even made it into the top ten trending topics, showing that netizens are paying close attention to this issue.

According to reports, playing with phones in the dark can lead to blindness. Glaucoma can be divided into congenital glaucoma, primary glaucoma, and secondary glaucoma according to its causes. The earlier the onset of the disease, the greater the likelihood of blindness. Glaucoma usually occurs in people over the age of 45, and playing with phones in the dark at night can increase the risk of an acute attack of glaucoma.

Playing with phone in the dark

Glaucoma can be further classified into acute and chronic glaucoma according to the progress of the disease.

Acute glaucoma is characterized by sudden headaches, eye pain, redness, blurred vision, like looking through a layer of fog, the appearance of halos around lights, photophobia, tearing, nausea, and vomiting. This is a very dangerous eye disease, which can lead to complete blindness in as little as 24 to 48 hours after onset. Acute glaucoma can also recur, leading to visual field defects and blindness. Chronic glaucoma is highly insidious, because some types of glaucoma (such as open-angle and chronic closed-angle glaucoma) have atypical symptoms that can be confused with eye fatigue and myopia in young patients, and mistaken for cataracts in middle-aged and elderly patients. Moreover, the vast majority of glaucoma patients do not take the disease seriously enough, and the condition can easily progress to the middle and late stages, by which time the optic nerve has often atrophied or there are visual field defects, missing the optimal time for treatment.

When it comes to playing with mobile phones, the harm is not limited to situations where the lights are turned off. Playing with mobile phones while driving or staying up late can also bring danger.

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