Tusimple has completed the first public fully unmanned road test in China’s future

Tusimple completed the first fully unmanned road test in China

【PhoneAuto News】June 16, 2023 – Global autonomous driving technology company, TuSimple, successfully completed the first fully unmanned test of autonomous heavy trucks on public roads in China, with no safety personnel on duty and no human intervention throughout the entire process. The fully unmanned test area included the Deepwater Port Logistics Park, Donghai Bridge and other autonomous driving test roads, with a total distance of about 62 kilometers. TuSimple’s autonomous driving trucks demonstrated strong processing capabilities when facing complex road conditions such as port areas, highways, and expressways, including traffic signal recognition, on-ramp and off-ramp driving, lane changing, avoidance of emergency lane vehicles, and handling of partially blocked lanes and foggy crosswinds.

It is reported that the fully unmanned test was operated by TuSimple’s self-developed autonomous driving system, with no safety driver or remote control or any other traffic intervention. In order to ensure public safety during the fully unmanned test, TuSimple has maintained close cooperation and communication with relevant government regulatory and law enforcement agencies, and equipped safety vehicles to ensure the safety of the fully unmanned test operation.

According to PhoneAuto, TuSimple’s fully unmanned test project in China has lasted for more than two years, aiming to develop an autonomous driving system that meets the SAE L4 level requirements and ensure that its redundancy, reliability, and stability can achieve fully unmanned safe operation on public roads.

“Completing this fully unmanned test is a significant technological milestone. This is another major breakthrough after we successfully completed the fully unmanned test in Arizona, USA in 2021,” said TuSimple’s President and CEO, Cheng Lu. “The success of fully unmanned tests in different markets around the world further demonstrates the leadership and safety of TuSimple’s autonomous driving system.”

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