Morning News vivo launches new self-developed chip V3, Chery Jetour X70 Pro hits the market

Vivo launches new chip V3, Chery Jetour X70 Pro hits the market

【Phoneauto Morning News】On the afternoon of July 30th, vivo held a special event for the vivo Imaging Festival in Xining, Qinghai. It is reported that vivo officially released the new self-developed imaging chip V3 and the new Zeiss T* coating technology at this event. On the evening of the 29th, Chery Jetour X70 PRO was officially launched. The popular AIGC application “Miaoya Camera” has been officially launched on the Apple App Store. On July 29th, Lenovo’s Savior new product launch event took place as scheduled at the 20th ChinaJoy exhibition, and the new Savior laptop R9000X 2023 officially met with everyone.

According to phoneauto, the self-developed imaging chip V3 by vivo is the first to adopt the 6nm process technology, with a 30% increase in energy efficiency compared to the previous generation. The newly designed multi-concurrent AI perception-ISP architecture and the second-generation FIT interconnection system reduce power consumption and significantly improve algorithm performance. At the same time, it can flexibly switch algorithm deployment methods, achieving seamless integration between the V chip and SoC.

In terms of algorithms, V3 supports 4K movie portrait video shooting and editing for the first time, achieving movie-level bokeh effect, skin texture optimization, and color processing on the Android platform. Thanks to the improved computing power, after shooting is completed, it also supports post-shooting editing, allowing manual lossless adjustment of bokeh and focus position, making the portrait video more cinematic.

It is reported that this model has a total of 7 configurations, offering two layouts of 5 seats and 7 seats, as well as various power versions such as 2.0T+7DCT, 1.6T+7DCT, 1.6T+6MT, 1.5T+6DCT, with prices ranging from 102,900 to 1,599,900 yuan.

In terms of appearance, compared to the previous X70 series, the new car has some changes in the front face. The front grille presents an “X” shape, and the internal grille uses a lot of scale-shaped chrome decorations. The fog lights on both sides are connected by a black decorative strip and have red decorations on the edges. The new car is also equipped with LED meteor-style taillights, a 62-inch panoramic sunroof, and an electric rear tailgate.

It is reported that previously, Meiya Camera only had a WeChat mini-program application. After the App version is launched, the account will be interoperable with the mini-program account. The App now provides 11 styles of AI image editing and can also create videos.

According to phoneauto, Meiya’s principle is based on AIGC technology. By capturing key information points of user-uploaded photos, including facial features, and combining them with the style templates of the mini-program, it generates “digital avatars” in different styles. However, Meiya has not yet launched applications such as virtual spaces, so the generated “digital avatars” are only in the form of images.

On July 29th, Lenovo’s new product launch event for the Savior series took place as scheduled at the 20th ChinaJoy exhibition. The new Savior notebook R9000X 2023 officially debuted.

According to phoneauto, the brand-new Savior R9000X 2023 builds on the classic design of the previous series. With “5X technology innovation model” as the core driver, it brings about transformation in five dimensions: X-Design super form design, X-Power extraordinary computing power, X-Sense super sensory experience, X-Interaction super modal interaction, and X-Connection super interconnection.

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